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Luxury pet hotel owner charged over selling pedigree cats without pet shop licence

Luxury pet hotel owner charged over selling pedigree cats without pet shop licence

Estelle Tayler, owner of luxury pet hotel The Wagington. (Photos: Facebook/Estelle T. Tayler, TODAY)

SINGAPORE: The owner of a luxury pet hotel was charged in court on Wednesday (Jul 31) for selling pedigree cats without a pet shop licence.

Estelle Tayler, the 36-year-old owner of Singapore's first five-star dog hotel The Wagington, was charged with two counts under the Animals and Birds (Pet Shop and Exhibition) Rules.

She is accused of using the 27B Loewen Road hotel premises as a pet shop between Oct 1 and Nov 13 last year to sell two British shorthair cats and one Ragdoll cat to two different customers.

She is also said to have exhibited cats without a licence in a suite at the hotel, charging customers S$15 per hour to play with the felines.

Tayler told the court on Wednesday that she intends to claim trial.

As District Judge Adam Nakhoda prepared to adjourn the matter, she addressed him: "Sir, I'd like to address what these charges are all about, I'd like to express my points."

He stopped her, saying: "You are disputing this. You have the opportunity to put your version across at the trial. There's nothing I can do listening to you, if you wish you can tell the pre-trial conference judge."

He adjourned the matter for a pre-trial conference in September.

Tayler made the news in 2014 with the opening of her hotel in Tanglin, touted as the first five-star dog hotel in Singapore.

An extension for cats was later added to the hotel, and included features like classical music, designer beds and Swarovski crystal-studded dining ware.

If found guilty, Tayler could be fined a maximum of S$5,000 per charge.

Source: CNA/ll(hs)


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