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Man gets jail for repeatedly stripping naked in mosque, assaulting police officer

Man gets jail for repeatedly stripping naked in mosque, assaulting police officer

Screengrab from Google Street View of Darul Aman Mosque at 1 Jalan Eunos.

SINGAPORE: Feeling the effects of pills he had bought in Geylang, a man went to a mosque where he felt "extreme power" and stripped repeatedly despite attempts by others to get him to put on his clothes.  

Djamaludin Supadi, 53, was sentenced to six months' jail on Monday (May 11) for four charges including public nuisance, cursing at and punching a police officer and possessing weapons.

A fifth charge of damaging a drum in the mosque was taken into consideration for sentencing.

The court heard that Djamaludin went to Masjid Darul Aman in 1 Jalan Eunos at about 5.40pm on Mar 3, intending to pray.

The jobless man claimed that he saw and heard an angel known as Jibrail and felt "extreme power". He later admitted to taking "power" pills which he had bought from a person in Geylang before going to the mosque, and said these pills "gave him extra energy".

At the mosque, Djamaludin first went to a set of drums on display near the prayer hall. He unhooked the chain cordoning off the drum set from the public and picked up a drum known as a "kentong", which is normally used to call the congregation to prayer.

Djamaludin used the kentong to strike a hanging drum with great force, before falling to the ground with the kentong, causing cracks in the instrument that cost S$2,000 to repair.

He rolled around before getting up, stripping naked before lying on the ground again.

An Imam at the mosque alerted an operation and facility officer, who went to the scene and found Djamaludin dressed only in his underwear.


But Djamaludin soon removed his underwear again, threw his clothes out of the area and went to the toilet, trailed by the officer who asked him to put on his clothes.

Djamaludin apologised to the officer, who asked his colleague to call the police and fetch a sarong for the offender.

Djamaludin started putting on his clothes at the front porch, before suddenly removing them again and wearing only his trousers.

The officer held firmly onto Djamaludin's waist to stop the man from removing his trousers again, and tried to convince him not to strip naked anymore.

However, Djamaludin managed to remove the rest of his clothes. The officer immediately placed the sarong on him and took him to a bench, but Djamaludin removed the sarong and wanted to leave the mosque fully naked.

Along with a colleague, the officer held on to Djamaludin and placed the sarong over his private parts.

Two men called the police. According to the prosecutor, one of the men was so disturbed that he told the police: "Got one Malay man naked, opening everything. I see also I cannot take it."

There were six to seven people in the mosque at the time, with closed-circuit television footage showing that there were people walking around when Djamaludin was naked.

His acts caused annoyance to staff members and worshippers at the mosque, said the prosecutor.

When the police arrived and tried to speak to Djamaludin, he stood up and punched one of the officers in the ribs.

He also cursed at the police before they arrested him amid a violent struggle.

After he was arrested, two foldable knives were found on Djamaludin, along with three penknife blade refill cases with five to seven blades in each case.


District Judge Marvin Bay told Djamaludin that his acts "amount to an aggravated and prolonged disturbance of a place of worship". 

"You had misused a kentong as a drum, causing it to be damaged. You had also stripped yourself on multiple occasions, and rebuffed multiple several times by mosque staff members to restore you to decency by clothing you," said the judge.

He said that the sentence "must be sufficient to deter acts of gross offences in sanctified places of worship such as mosques".

For voluntarily causing hurt to a police officer, Djamaludin could have been jailed for up to seven years and fined or caned.

For possessing offensive weapons, he could have been jailed for up to two years, fined, or both.

He could have been fined up to S$1,000 for public nuisance.

Source: CNA/ll(gs)


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