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Mediacorp and Singapore Polytechnic sign MOU to nurture next generation of media professionals

Mediacorp and Singapore Polytechnic sign MOU to nurture next generation of media professionals

(Photo: Facebook/Singapore Polytechnic)

SINGAPORE: Mediacorp and Singapore Polytechnic (SP) have signed an agreement to help develop students with job attachments, hands-on learning, sharing sessions and other opportunities.

The two organisations signed a three-year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the joint development of a range of industry-relevant programmes and initiatives to support the growth and development of SP students throughout their full-time diploma course.

This partnership, effective immediately, aims to “nurture the next generation of media professionals” by leveraging the expertise of both organisations, they said in a media release on Monday (Mar 29). Students will be offered in-depth industry-centric training to prepare them for careers in the media industry, they added.

“SP students can look forward to activities that have been specially structured to reinforce their skills and knowledge,” said the release.

These activities include job attachments and hands-on learning, such as formalised mentorships with Mediacorp and internships with Bloomr.SG, Mediacorp’s digital content creator network.

Students will also be offered opportunities to work with Mediacorp on content co-creation and solutions for business challenges for their final-year projects.

These opportunities include a potential polytechnic-wide elective to groom aspiring YouTube content creators, with the course curriculum co-created by Bloomr.SG creators and SP Media, Arts and Design School.

This underlines Mediacorp’s commitment to nurturing digital talent following the announcement in August 2020 of its status as Singapore’s first local multi-channel network for YouTube creators, said the release.

SP Media, Arts and Design School students will also get to “propose alternative endings” for the meWATCH interactive rom-com series Adulting. They may be invited to continue working on the production of the project if their concepts are selected, said the organisations.

As part of the partnership, SP Media, Arts and Design School students will have annual pitching sessions for Mediacorp digital content, with selected pitches potentially being greenlit into writing projects for internships and freelance arrangements.

SP School of Business students will also work with Mediacorp on the development of recommendations for “problem statements and business challenges facing Mediacorp”.

“These issues will be concurrently addressed by teams of Mediacorp staff, in a dual-solution approach that aims to inject fresh insights to existing challenges within the media industry,” said the release.

Mediacorp will also provide students with customised sharing sessions and learning journeys tailored to the students’ respective specialisations. Careers talks and recruitment roadshows by Mediacorp will also offer graduating students career planning advice and information.

“This three-year partnership will support Mediacorp and SP’s common objectives of nurturing future talents for the media industry and driving creativity and innovation in the sector through collaborative projects,” said the organisations.

Mediacorp CEO Tham Loke Kheng said: “Mediacorp is committed to doing our part to groom aspiring media professionals by sharing our industry knowledge and providing students with opportunities to put what they learn in the classroom into practice.

“With this MOU, we look forward to supporting Singapore Polytechnic in preparing the next generation of content creators for entry into the media sector, including exciting careers at Mediacorp.”

Principal and CEO of Singapore Polytechnic Soh Wai Wah said: “Our fast growing creative and media sectors have enabled Singapore to be recognised as a leading creative nation, drawing the likes of many international media companies to establish their regional presence here.

“Our partnership with Mediacorp will help Singapore build a strong pipeline of industry-ready graduates with the right skillsets and work experience to grow our arts, design and media ecosystem, and position Singapore as the leading regional hub for nurturing creative talents.”

Source: CNA/vc


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