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Nanyang Polytechnic student admits to filming man in campus toilet

Nanyang Polytechnic student admits to filming man in campus toilet

Nanyang Polytechnic student Brandon Mandolang Yong Fu, 18, admitted to taking a video of another man in a campus toilet. (Photo: Discover-NYP student blog)

SINGAPORE: A Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) student admitted on Tuesday (Nov 26) to taking a video of a male victim in a campus toilet.

Brandon Mandolang Yong Fu, 18, who was listed as a student leader on NYP's website, pleaded guilty to one charge of using insulting behaviour towards the victim.

He had used his phone to take a video of the unidentified victim, who was using the toilet at the time of the incident, with the intention to cause harassment.

The court heard that Mandolang was in a campus toilet on May 2 this year when he "suddenly felt an urge to masturbate", and started looking for pornographic material on his mobile phone. 

When the victim entered the washroom and went into the cubicle next to him, Mandolang decided to take a video of him, said Deputy Public Prosecutor Kenneth Chin.

The victim noticed Mandolang's phone when he looked up while relieving himself.

When Mandolang saw the victim looking at him, he quickly retracted his phone but stayed in the cubicle.

The victim waited outside the toilet to confront Mandolang but left after 15 minutes as he was late for class.

The victim made a police report that night, stating "a case of voyeurism".

The prosecution said he would not object if the judge called for a probation suitability report, but reserved his position on sentencing pending the report. He added that he was not asking for reformative training.

Mandolang - who is also listed as a scholarship recipient for mass media management in NYP's 2018 scholarship presentation ceremony document - told the court that he would like to apologise to the victim, his family and his lecturers.

The unrepresented teenager said he had reflected after the incident and deeply regrets it.

"Also, I've been undergoing counselling with my school counsellor regularly since then," he said. "I've been suspended from my school for a semester and lost my NYP scholarship."

He said he has been working part-time to support himself and earn enough money for his school fees.

"I hope to be given a second chance and I promise this will be my last encounter with the law," he said.

In a statement, a Nanyang Polytechnic spokesperson confirmed Mandolang was suspended earlier this year and that his scholarship has been rescinded. He has also been removed from the executive committee position of his CCA. 

"As the case is due for sentencing next month, we are unable to comment further," the spokesperson said. "In the meantime, we have offered counselling and support to the affected students."

The judge called for a probation suitability report and adjourned sentencing to Dec 24.

Source: CNA/ll(aj)


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