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Shorter processing time for vehicle entry permits as applications decrease: LTA

Shorter processing time for vehicle entry permits as applications decrease: LTA

File photo of congestion at the Woodlands Causeway. (Photo: Aqil Haziq Mahmud)

SINGAPORE: Processing time for vehicle entry permits (VEP) will now revert to five working days, down from the previous three weeks as applications decline.

This was announced by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) in a news release on Friday (May 6).

Those driving foreign-registered vehicles into Singapore are required to have a valid VEP when they enter the country.

LTA said they have received around 165,000 VEP applications as of Friday, of which 160,000 applicants received the outcomes ahead of the stated processing time at the point of application.

“The number of VEP applications has seen a steady drop since LTA’s last update on Apr 18,” it said.

With the decrease, the processing time has now gone down to five working days. Applicants will continue to be notified of the expected processing time when they apply for the permit.

Applicants must submit their application online via the VEP Digital Services on LTA’s OneMotoring website. Applications will no longer be accepted at Singapore’s land checkpoints to “facilitate traffic flow”, said LTA.

Drivers of foreign-registered vehicles must also have LTA’s VEP approval email and valid Autopass card before they travel. Those without Autopass cards must apply online and refer to LTA’s VEP approval email to collect their Autopass cards at LTA’s Johor Bahru Service Centre before they enter Singapore.

The exemption for work pass holders to keep and use their own foreign-registered vehicles in Singapore will also be withdrawn after Jun 30, LTA said.

The exemption was introduced to facilitate the stay of work pass holders in Singapore for employment. This was initially set to end of Apr 30 but will be extended to Jun 30.

This will be the final extension in view of the resumption of cross-border travel, LTA added.

Work pass holders who are not Singapore residents must also ensure their foreign-registered vehicles are kept or use outside Singapore for a total period of six hours or more daily.

Source: CNA/ga(rw)


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