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Woman says she felt angry to be 'disrespected and degraded' by SMU student who allegedly molested her in classroom

Woman says she felt angry to be 'disrespected and degraded' by SMU student who allegedly molested her in classroom

Lee Yan Ru at the State Courts on Sep 7, 2020. (Photo: TODAY/Raj Nadarajan)

SINGAPORE: A woman who was allegedly molested by a Singapore Management University (SMU) student said she was asleep in a classroom when she woke up to see him over her.

The 24-year-old man was allegedly kneeling over her and ejaculated on her, said the 22-year-old woman on the stand on Tuesday (Sep 8).

There was semen on her face, hair and neck, which was later identified as the accused Lee Yan Ru's by a DNA profiling laboratory.

"I was embarrassed," said the woman, who was continuing her testimony on the second day of the trial. "My face was hot. Nothing like this has happened (to me before). I just remember my face feeling very hot. I felt embarrassed and kind of angry."

She said she was angry "to be disrespected and degraded in that manner".

"I mean frankly, pardon my language, I kind of felt like a slut and a whore," she said.

She said she did not consent to Lee's act, and had not invited him to kneel over her.

Lee is contesting a charge of using criminal force on her by rubbing his privates on her chest in a classroom at SMU in the early hours of Jan 8 last year.

He had met the woman on Instagram and began chatting with her online before meeting her in person for a study session, according to her previous testimony. 

The alleged offence took place in their second study session at a classroom in SMU from 12.30am to about 6.30am, during which they did schoolwork and watched a movie.

At about 6.10am, they lay down to sleep in the classroom, with the woman lying on her back with her jacket covering her face and Lee lying across a few chairs.

She said she woke up to a weight on her and saw Lee over her. She told him to get off, but he purportedly told her to wait and then ejaculated over her.

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After this, Lee took tissue paper from his bag and wiped her with it, she said.


She said she was "in shock" and did not know what to do, and "couldn't bring myself to say anything" to Lee.

As she packed to leave, she saw Lee's full name and address in a file and recited them out loud before telling him that "he will hear from my lawyers".

Asked why she did this, the woman said: "To let him know that he messed with the wrong person, and to let him know that I will do something about it."

Lee apologised and asked to let him make it up to her, and also invited her to punch him as he knew she did martial arts, testified the woman.

"I guess he said that as a way for me to get back at him to get even, as if that would suffice," she added.

She said she went downstairs while Lee pleaded with her not to tell anyone, and went to a security guard who was "very shocked" to see her.

"He asked me - girl what are you doing here. Are you an SMU student? That's when I realised I wasn't supposed to be there," she said.

She told the guard what happened and asked where the nearest police station was. The guard told Lee to stand outside the school while the woman stood inside.

"The whole time we were separated by the gantry, he kept shouting into the school, saying 'please don't call the police', but I just went ahead and called the police," said the woman.


Asked by the prosecutor about what effect the incident had on her, the woman said it had affected her relationship with her boyfriend.

She talked about a time when her boyfriend "pulled my hand, tried to get me closer to him ...  I quickly pulled my hand away and pushed him away like a reflex".

She said she did not realise until her boyfriend looked at her with a shocked face that she was "projecting what had happened into our relationship".

She also said she could not sleep for a few days, had trouble focusing in school and takes Xanax for anxiety.

She said a psychologist diagnosed her with acute stress disorder, which she said is "shorter than post-traumatic stress disorder". Socially, she said she feels "a bit more cynical of people's intentions".

The defence objected and asked if the prosecutor was intending to call the psychologist and other people the woman mentioned as witnesses, or else it would rely only on her word.

The prosecutor responded that this was "a premature request".

The trial is set to continue in the afternoon, with the defence beginning its cross-examination of the woman. Lee is represented by lawyers Mr Thong Chee Kun, Ms Josephine Chee and Mr Jonathan Oon from Rajah & Tann.

If convicted of molesting the woman, he could be jailed for up to two years, fined, caned, or given any combination of these penalties.

CNA has contacted SMU for more information.

Source: CNA/ll(nc)


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