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Stakeholders’ sentiments considered when naming merged schools: MOE

Stakeholders’ sentiments considered when naming merged schools: MOE

New Town Secondary School and Tanglin Secondary School are set to merge in 2023. (Photo: CNA/Ang Hwee Min, Facebook/Tanglin Secondary School)

SINGAPORE: In naming merged schools, the Ministry of Education (MOE) takes stakeholders’ sentiments and feedback of the respective schools into consideration, said the ministry on Thursday (Apr 14). 

Responding to queries about the merger of New Town Secondary School and Tanglin Secondary School, the Education Ministry said it considers “a broad set of factors” in naming the schools.

It also considers if retaining or combining the names of either of the merging schools would be “meaningful and suitable”. 

“In doing so, the schools take into consideration the stakeholders’ sentiments and feedback through the principals of the respective schools,” MOE told CNA. 

From 2023, Tanglin Secondary School will be merged with New Town Secondary School. The merged school will be located at the current site of New Town Secondary School. 

An online petition on has emerged over the name of the merged school, calling for Tanglin Secondary School's name to be retained. It has garnered about 1,500 signatures over two weeks. 

In its response to CNA, the ministry said that a prominent building or facility at the merged school site will be named "Tanglin" to preserve the rich history and heritage of Tanglin Secondary School.

“The merged New Town Secondary School will encompass the identities, strengths and cherished distinctiveness of both merging schools. Future cohorts of students will continue to learn and celebrate the legacy of both schools through the school culture, symbols, events and alumni,” said MOE in its statement. 

The history and heritage of both schools will also be “formally documented” and preserved at a heritage space in the merged school, it added. 

“We understand that school naming carries great significance and are grateful for the stakeholders’ support and understanding. MOE will continue working with the schools and stakeholders to forge a strong identity for the merged school.” 

The current Tanglin Secondary School began as Tanglin Integrated Secondary Technical School in 1964. It merged with Clementi Woods Secondary School in 2016.

Clementi Woods Secondary itself was the result of a past merger between Jin Tai Secondary School and Ghim Moh Secondary School. 

New Town Secondary School was founded in 1965, the year Singapore gained independence.

Source: CNA/hw


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