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TADA investigates passenger's claim that driver asked to 'go up' to her house

TADA investigates passenger's claim that driver asked to 'go up' to her house

File photo of a man driving a car. (File photo: Unsplash)

SINGAPORE: Ride-hailing platform TADA said it has initiated a "thorough investigation" after a female passenger claimed a driver had asked to "go up" to her house.

The company is also reviewing the driver's past trips and has reached out to other riders that may have been affected by similar behaviour, it said in response to queries from CNA on Monday (Apr 25). 

"TADA does not condone any form of harassment and has zero tolerance for any interaction that compromises the security and well-being of our riders and drivers," it said.

TADA's response comes after a passenger said in a Facebook post on Sunday that her driver had asked her to remove her mask during the ride so that he could see her face, and also asked if he could "go up" to her house.

“He said that he just wants to see my face without my mask on, he wants to know exactly how I look like,” wrote the woman.

The driver had also allegedly asked the woman about the design of her house, if it was soundproof and if her unit was near her neighbour's. 

“He asked if he could go up (to) my house, I straight up tell, NO,” wrote the woman. 

In the comments under her post, another Facebook user said that she had encountered the same driver and had a similar experience. 

CNA has contacted both users for more information. 

In its response, TADA said that it is currently in contact with the passenger "to provide support". 

“We are committed to seeing this matter through in a fair manner and will continue to keep the impacted parties fully updated on the results of our investigation, as well as any resulting actions we will be taking,” it added. 

“Additionally, the TADA team will fully cooperate with any external investigations initiated.”

TADA added that it is committed to ensuring the safety of all riders and drivers, and will not hesitate to take strong action against anyone found to be in violation of its safety and anti-harassment policies. 

Source: CNA/yb(aj)


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