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Young man admits to raping drunk teen at foot of Pasir Ris block after 'Truth or Dare' game

Young man admits to raping drunk teen at foot of Pasir Ris block after 'Truth or Dare' game

File photo of a gavel. (Photo: Jeremy Long)

SINGAPORE: After a group game of "Truth or Dare" with sexual undertones and drinking as a forfeit, a 19-year-old man raped a 15-year-old girl at the foot of a Housing Board block in Pasir Ris.

He also helped his co-accused, who tried but failed to rape the victim as he could not sustain an erection.

The rapist, now 21, pleaded guilty on Thursday (Oct 31) to one count of raping the victim, a Singapore permanent resident.

The identities of all those involved cannot be revealed due to a gag order issued by the court. 

The court heard that the offender was part of a group of four friends who had gathered at a coffee shop at Block 445, Pasir Ris Drive 6 in the wee hours of Oct 17, 2017.

The victim, the only girl and the youngest in the group, was initially reluctant to join the group of 18 to 19-year-olds. However, she gave in as she knew that one of the boys, identified only as W1, was protective of her.

The rapist, who was then working as a waiter like his co-accused A2, later suggested to head elsewhere for beer.

He bought six large cans of Anchor Strong and Carlsberg beer from a provision shop, before joining the victim and one of the other boys identified as W3 at the void deck of a block nearby, while W1 and A2 left to meet other friends.


The offender, the victim and W3 then began playing the game "Truth or Dare", and their conversations started to involve topics of a sexual nature, said Deputy Public Prosecutors Winston Man and Lim Ying Min.

W3 asked the victim who gave her what looked like love bites on her neck, while the victim asked the two boys when they had lost their virginity.

As part of the forfeit she chose, she had to drink some beer each time she refused to answer any question posed to her.

She drank the most of the three, consuming about four cans of beer by the time the other two boys rejoined the group.


When W1 arrived, the intoxicated girl went to the side to speak to him, while W3 asked the rapist and A2 if they wanted to have sex with the girl.

The two teens thought he was joking, but W3 and A2 went to a nearby provision shop to buy three condoms for S$1. W3 had taken the dollar from the victim's wallet.

When they returned, A2 passed one condom to the offender, and kept the other two.

The offender then said he wanted to go home and they walked towards Pasir Ris Central, but the victim was unable to walk properly and had to be carried on piggyback.

They came to Block 557, Pasir Ris Street 51 around 4am and the girl stopped to urinate at the foot of the block.

She felt the urge to vomit and rested on the ground while the rapist and A2, his co-accused, waited nearby for her. The other two had walked ahead and were separated from the group at this time.

The accused and A2 tried to rouse the victim from her stupor, but began touching her chest when she seemed unresponsive.


They then sexually assaulted her with their fingers and the accused put on a condom and raped the girl while A2 held onto her head.

Meanwhile, W1 was calling A2 to ask where they were, but A2 did not answer, and rejected his second call.

The accused instructed A2 to send W1 a text to say they were taking care of the victim as she was vomiting, and he did so.

A2 then asked him to help move the victim's shorts and underwear to one side as he wanted to rape her as well.

However, he did not manage to as he could not sustain an erection and ended up rubbing himself against her.

Instead, he sexually assaulted her via her mouth and ejaculated into the drain.

The victim was drifting in and out of consciousness throughout the entire ordeal that occurred between 4.05am and 4.45am, said the prosecution, but was aware that the two young men were assaulting her.

She tried to spit out A2's privates when he was assaulting her, but was too weak due to her state of intoxication.


The two teenagers made sure the girl was fully dressed before one of them called W1, but left for home when he arrived.

The girl told W1 that the two teens had raped her. When the victim confronted A2 later that day, she slapped him and he tried to retaliate but was talked out of it.

A2 later told W1 and another witness that the accused had raped her, claiming that he had not done anything to her, according to court documents.

Police officers patrolling the area approached them to find out what the matter was as the victim was crying, and she eventually gave them a full account at a police station.

The accused and A2 were arrested later that day.

The rapist will be sentenced at a later date, while A2's case is pending.

The penalty for rape is a maximum 20 years' jail, a fine or caning.

Source: CNA/ll(hm)


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