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Insight 2022/2023

47:24 Min
Insight 2022/2023

Insight 2022/2023 - S1E10: Rising From The Ashes: India

30 Jun 2022 10:00pm

2 years after COVID-19 hit India, is the country well placed to rebound from the crisis, build back better and emerge stronger?

About the Show

INSIGHT is a one hour long hard current affairs programme that aims to open the minds of viewers to the political, social and economic realities facing today's societies.

Every week, a team of producers will bring forward compelling arguments, impartial analysis and penetrating insights into topical issues of the day. What's on the menu are topics of concerns that have set the region talking as well as changing trends and events which impact Asia and beyond.

INSIGHT will get you closer to the heart of the issues with insightful interviews and engaging conversations, bringing to you the real story from behind extraordinary experiences.

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