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The Big Questions

47:13 Min
The Big Questions

The Big Questions - S1E3: The State of Healthcare

25 Mar 2018 08:00pm

Is the Singapore healthcare system still fit for service? Join host Rebekah Lin as she travels from Washington to Singapore to spend time with doctors, experts and policymakers to look for answers to her Big Question - Is there enough care in healthcare?

About the Show

The Big Questions is an investigative series that explores some of the most pressing issues of our time. Anchored by a different expert host each week, the episodes pose the big questions centred on one big topic to some very original thinkers across the world to uncover their perspectives and predictions for the future.

In episode 1, we explore if the Internet of Things will become the Internet of Everything? Will it make life better for most of us, or will it be too much of a good thing? Host Gwendolyn Regina chats with some leading thinkers for answers. 
In episode 2, we look at the future of work. Is complete automation inevitable, and are machines destined to take over all our jobs? What will it take for Singaporeans to remain relevant in the future?

Host Aaron Maniam talks to Stephen Wolfram, Frederick Laloux, and Ong Ye Kung to find out.

Lastly, is there enough care in healthcare? Host Rebekah Lin finds out if the Singapore healthare system is still fit for purpose.

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