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Poh Heng Trust Diamond: A brilliant symbol of trust, with an extra C

Beyond carat, colour, clarity and cut, curation is key.

Poh Heng Trust Diamond: A brilliant symbol of trust, with an extra C

Poh Heng’s Trust Diamond boasts the purest VS1 clarity and the brightest D colour. Photos, video: Poh Heng

Trust is often the cornerstone of healthy, meaningful relationships. It’s what grows and cements relationships, the foundation upon which more can be built. 

Embodying this precious trait is the Poh Heng Trust Diamond – a rare and natural gem, hand-selected for its exceptional quality, perfect for defining those remarkable moments.


The diamond, a gem of universal appeal for its enduring symbolism and timeless beauty, is graded in four ways. Transparency is valued, so colour and clarity determine two aspects of its value. The cut is another important element, and jewellers sometimes offer proprietary designs to bring out that calculated sparkle. And contrary to popular belief, the carat determines the weight of the stone, not the size.  


The highest-grade 5.5-carat solitaire diamond crafted in ideal cut and set in 18K white gold and Trust Diamond signature setting.

With the Trust Diamond, Poh Heng introduces a fifth C – that of curation. Determining it the most important, the local jeweller sifts through top sources and applies the strictest standards before accepting a gem as a Trust Diamond. This exacting process explains why only the top 5 per cent of the world’s supply emerge as a Trust Diamond.

As an example, even though D-colour diamonds are considered colourless and form the highest-grade tier, the gemologists at Poh Heng further examine each piece to eliminate the “low Ds” within that category. This rigorous scrutiny is applied to the remaining Cs, so discerning customers can expect only the most prized diamonds available. 

In many ways, this hand-selected process mirrors the dedication and commitment displayed in a couple’s journey. Bearing this message of devotion, the Poh Heng Trust Diamond, each certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), becomes a timeless milestone gift for anniversaries and treasured occasions. The Trilogy Trust Diamond Ring illustrates the promise of love through a trio of solitaires side by side. Two outer ones represent the past and the future, while a larger 0.5-carat stone takes centre stage in the middle, fully embodying the present. 

A beguiling set: Poh Heng Trust Diamond Drop Earrings, Trilogy Trust Diamond Ring and Pendant.


The cut of a diamond is the main quality among the original four Cs that is directed by man. This aspect showcases the element of artisanal craftsmanship, as jewellers strive to bring out the gem’s full potential through light, proportion and symmetry. 

There are three attributes used to describe a solitaire’s natural light: Brilliance, fire and scintillation. The first speaks of the white light reflections that reveal themselves through the many facets of the stone. Fire comes from the transient spectral colours that disperse the white light; and finally, scintillation refers to the flashes that radiate upon movement.

The Quintessential Diamond from Poh Heng’s Trust Diamond portfolio demonstrates the three components with aplomb, tapping into mathematical and empirical analyses to bring forth a calculated 57 facets for utmost brilliance. With its dramatic flair, it’s a well-suited diamond for a memorable engagement. 

Dazzle bright with Poh Heng’s signature Trust Diamond Ring, Trust Diamond Tiered Pendant and Trust Diamond Men’s Ring.

Display this emblem of your love many ways. Classic designs with a predominant solitaire resting on a pitched signature crown setting make for a versatile embellishment, while the Halo grants extra opulence with a garland of smaller diamonds around the central gem. Alternatively, get the Trilogy range to symbolise the past, present and future, or go all the way with breathtaking Luxe designs. Those seeking a one-of-a-kind legacy piece can also commission bespoke designs.


One’s success – like a long-awaited promotion, a graduation or the completion of your first marathon – should be a celebrated affair. The Trust Diamond, with its exceptional make, can be a landmark reward for your achievements.

Along with GIA certification, Poh Heng reinforces the innate value of the Trust Diamond by offering upgrades that retain 95 per cent of the nett diamond value at prevailing rates. So just as your accomplishments grow, you’ll be able to evince your life victories with a spectacular symbol.

The Trust Diamond Earring Jacket is the perfect partner to your Trust Diamond Solitaire Earrings.

This lifetime bond is fostered by Poh Heng as well – every Trust Diamond is handled by master craftmen and comes with premium care, repair and complimentary polishing.

Encapsulating the virtue at every stage, Poh Heng’s ultimate expression is truly about trust.

Find your way to Trust with Poh Heng.


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