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  1. Spain Portugal Soccer

    Commentary: Euro 2020 - France stands in the way of Ronaldo’s swan song

    Helping Portugal defend the trophy would be a great cap to a sterling football career for Cristiano Ronaldo and provide the perfect opportunity to ...
  2. Working from home (WFH) with children home schooling

    Commentary: It will be a waste if parents don’t keep flexible work arrangements

    The year-long work-from-home experiment has shifted family dynamics irreversibly and getting back to a routine will not be easy.
  3. Car Showroom (1)

    Commentary: Giving up petrol cars is a lot more difficult for parents

    To help Singapore be car-lite, more needs to be done to nudge parents towards giving up their cars. But that might be an impossible ask for some.
  4. Mal's kids with masks

    Commentary: With or without masks, our kids have surprised us with their adaptability

    A new ruling on Wednesday (Sep 23) allows children in Singapore under the age of six to wear face shields in place of masks. But the experience of ...
  5. Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp

    Commentary: Klopp will lead Liverpool to EPL glory again

    The German coach’s knack of getting the best out of his players will contribute to the Reds’ success despite a quiet transfer window.
  6. FILE PHOTO: A participant stands near a logo of World Bank at the International Monetary Fund - Wor

    Commentary: The end of the decade – the world is in more debt and it isn’t going away

    Low interest rates and fiscal spending to help economies climb out of the global financial crisis has put the world at record debt levels.
  7. Zuckerberg and Trump

    Commentary: Big Tech is showing some love to the US government – which comes as no surprise

    Hiring political and public officials is one way tech companies are balancing between pursuing government money and avoiding public scrutiny.
  8. Singapore Sports Hub national day

    Commentary: Why success should not be the only factor in deciding what is Singapore’s national sport

    What makes something a national sport? Though swimming has won us the most gold, surely football is the sport that has captured our hearts in ...
  9. SEA Games 2019 venues construction

    Commentary: Let’s hold off judging the Philippines as SEA Games host

    Much of the criticism of the Philippines’ organising of the SEA Games is premature and unfair.
  10. New Content Item

    Commentary: Why did Spurs sack Mauricio Pochettino?

    Besides poor results and player unrest, the Argentine may have been a victim of his own success.