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  1. jewel changi empty covid19

    Tenants in talks with Jewel Changi Airport for assistance to tide over temporary closure

    Changi Airport has become Singapore's largest active COVID-19 cluster, prompting a 14-day closure to the public.
  2. mother's day prison inmates visitation

    ‘Where were you when I needed you?’: The struggles of mothers in prison, longing to see their children

    Special occasions like Mother's Day can be especially difficult for women behind bars. Two female inmates spoke to CNA about the challenges of ...
  3. TripleFit gym pic 1

    Commentary: Three weeks of gym closure shouldn’t be a big deal but it is for many

    Being upset about gym closures under the tightened COVID-19 measures is not just about staying fit. For some, it is also about the sudden upheaval ...
  4. personal finance young adult

    Commentary: Managing personal finances is a minefield when you start 'adulting'

    The problem goes beyond a lack of financial literacy taught in school. The world of financial planning has transformed since our parents’ ...
  5. Girl singing into microphone ktv karaoke

    Commentary: Why are Singaporeans so obsessed with KTV?

    What is it about coming together with a group of friends or family in a tiny space, crooning to old school pop ballads beneath flashing disco lights?
  6. what is the biggest turn off in dating profiles

    Commentary: There is rarely a right time to talk about your mental health when you’re dating – but do it anyway

    Being upfront with the people you date at the start might scare them off – or it can create a strong foundation for the relationship. The trick is ...