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  1. corner office with view

    Commentary: I’ve been career oriented my whole life, until the COVID-19 pandemic took my ambition

    Being ambitious has always been a virtue, but we’ve never paused to think about where we get our ideas of ambition from or why we even aspire ...
  2. A tourist wearing a protective face mask takes photos at the Merlion Park in Singapore

    Commentary: I used to think a staycation was a poor alternative for being overseas. Then I took one

    For many of us itching to travel again, a staycation is the best compromise for now. Not only do you get to relax, you can also skip the stress of ...
  3. Pandemic financial advice for Millennials (by mostly Millennials)
    Media playtime

    Pandemic financial advice for Millennials (by mostly Millennials)

    How long is it okay to stay unemployed in this crisis? What should you do to make yourself more employable? Are REITs still good to invest in? ...
  4. Blogs that can cut it have replaced stuffy branding with, say, illustrations or snazzy stock images.

    The rise of personal finance bloggers, out to save financially illiterate millennials

    How do you make personal finance shareable for the Instagram generation? Replace jargon with relatable comics and a conversational tone to ensure ...
  5. Baking bread

    Commentary: In defence of baking bread, watching reality TV and other frivolous fads in the time of COVID-19

    From keeping up with Tik Tok trends to stalking reality TV couples on Instagram, the dreariness of living through the pandemic can create newfound ...