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  1. TFX gym circuit breaker

    Commentary: When gyms finally reopen, can we get rid of toxic gym culture?

    Many of us miss the gym, but let’s not bring back an obsessive culture of aspiring towards an ideal fitness lifestyle. By being kinder to our ...
  2. COVID19 recovered migrant workers cover

    Recovered from COVID-19, migrant workers live on a cruise ship and in an HDB flat

    Former dormitory residents like Pugal may be resting easier, but they still grapple with uncertainty. Part 3 of a series on Singapore's migrant ...
  3. When will bars reopen?

    Commentary: I miss my regular bar – but I accept I might never get to return, even after circuit breakers are lifted

    Our F&B scene is partly shaped by consumers’ habits and desires, so perhaps our nostalgia for certain places and experiences will help revive the ...
  4. People in Sembawang chatting — and connecting — with one another during the "circuit breaker".

    Mental well-being during COVID-19: The rise of intimate sharing sessions with strangers

    As informal initiatives spring up to help people talk about what they’re going through, many find it easier to open up than they thought. Can this ...
  5. Woman working on laptop at home

    Commentary: The weird and disorienting uncertainty of starting a new job under COVID-19

    In the time of coronavirus, when starting a job normally is unrealistic, adjusting expectations may be the key to surviving – and thriving – in a ...
  6. Buildings are pictured on April 8, 2020, after air pollution levels dropped in New Delhi.

    Blue skies during lockdown, but can India’s respite from its pollution woes last?

    In November, Delhi’s air quality reached hazardous levels. Now, the city is experiencing clearer air amid the COVID-19 lockdown. The programme ...
  7. Life in isolation - when a migrant worker gets COVID-19 in Singapore
    Media playtime

    Life in isolation - when a migrant worker gets COVID-19 in Singapore

    It's been about two weeks since Singapore's first foreign worker dormitories were gazetted as isolation areas, just before Singapore's switch to ...
  8. Some are feeling the impact of domestic abuse especially keenly now with the Covid-19 situation.

    COVID-19 situation throws into stark relief what victims of domestic abuse face

    The circuit-breaker period may strain domestic relationships further, resulting in various forms of psychological abuse, including verbal insults, ...
  9. One of them was slapped across the face. Another spent days persuading a hawker to wear a mask.

    ‘Never approach people from behind’: How enforcement officers and ambassadors handle the public

    They patrol public areas and educate people on safe distancing. It is a job with ups and downs, but they find meaning and satisfaction in it. Here ...
  10. Mark Lim's older son has sensory challenges. Being cooped up makes children like him extra irritable

    Circuit breaker tough on special needs children, but parents find creative ways to cope

    They do not adapt to being stuck at home as well as their typically developing peers. So meeting their needs means there are struggles, and ...