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Sim Yee Lim

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  1. Harsh Dalal, the CEO of software developer Team Labs, is the youngest in his firm, bar the interns.

    At 19, this Singapore Polytechnic student runs a US$25 million tech start-up

    Being the CEO of a business with 120 employees globally is hard enough, but teenager Harsh Dalal must also juggle classes, homework and, soon ...
  2. Dr Duong Hai Minh has been working at the National University of Singapore for 10 years.

    Engineer, innovator, aerial dancer: NUS scientist flies through the air on silk as a hobby

    Duong Hai Minh is so inspired by his art form that it gave him an idea that may help to solve the world’s plastic pollution problem. The series ...
  3. A robot bartender called Ratio.

    Can robots help to save the ailing F&B industry?

    They can mix a cocktail as fast as a human bartender can, and make coffee that tastes almost as good as a master’s brew, but can they address the ...
  4. Connie Sun's immediate thoughts when she learned about her cancer diagnosis were of her son, Ian.

    Far from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, a Singaporean new mum fights cancer

    Connie Sun discovered she had breast cancer in South Korea, but owing to travel restrictions, she could not leave with her husband and child to ...