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  1. Cooperation with the US, Japan important to deal with tension with Pyongyang: South Korea's Moon

  2. South Korean elections: Frontrunner Moon’s likely approach to North Korea

  3. Message in a bottle for North Koreans

    Defector Kim Yong Hwa has been sending bottles of rice out to sea from South Korea's Ganghwa Island in the hope that they would be picked up by ...
  4. Unusually warm climate threatens South Korea's ice fishing festivals

    Ice festivals that are popular in the winter are at risk of disappearing in South Korea because of unusual climate conditions.
  5. South Koreans take to streets for another rally

    Organisers expected about two million people in total to hold rallies against President Park in the capital Seoul, as well as in other cities in ...
  6. South Korea welcomes first US sanctions against Kim Jong-un

    In a statement, its foreign ministry urges Pyongyang to improve its human rights record, which can include harsh treatment for families of North ...
  7. North Korea opens dam near South Korea without warning

    This is raising fears of flooding in South Korea, especially on the back of the torrential rainstorms in recent days.
  8. As South Koreans live longer, more elderly are forced to keep working

    While South Koreans are living longer these days - many are expected to pass 100 years - government records show a sizable number of elderly ...
  9. South Korea's push to have world's first carbon-free island

    The tiny island of Gapado is a testbed for clean energy solutions for Jeju Island, which aims to be carbon-free by 2030.