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  1. Katy Perry Instagram

    Smile during a pandemic: Katy Perry on pregnancy, mental health and a new album

    The pop superstar, who has a new album coming out soon, says her daughter is the “silver lining” of this “piece of shit year”.  
  2. ChangHoSek mooncakes

    From bubble tea to biscuit sticks: A round-up of unusual National Day specials

    It’s that time of the year again when brands come up with quirky ideas and interesting collaborations as we show our patriotic pride and indulge ...
  3. Google Pixel 4a

    First look at the Pixel 4a: Google's S$499 budget phone coming to Singapore

    The affordable alternative to the Pixel 4 is available for pre-orders starting Aug 4. And guess what, the fingerprint sensor’s back.
  4. Coral Greenhouse at John Brewer Reef

    Underwater museum inside the world’s most famous reef officially opens Aug 1

    The Museum of Underwater Art (MOUA) at the Great Barrier Reef boasts a series of installations by renowned underwater sculptor Jason deCaires ...
  5. Yeo Jin-goo and IU in Hotel Del Luna

    Hotel Del Luna’s Yeo Jin-goo wants Timothee Chalamet to play him in Hollywood remake

    The Korean actor also tells CNA Lifestyle all about hanging out with IU in House On Wheels and why Singaporean fans have been giving him chilli ...
  6. Tom Hanks in WWII Greyhound

    Why Tom Hanks wants you to wear a mask, wash hands and stream movies at home

    The Hollywood actor, whose latest film Greyhound is showing on Apple TV+, tells CNA Lifestyle that “if we're not all part of the solution ...
  7. mao shan wang durian

    Best way to enjoy Mao Shan Wang durians right now? Order online, eat at home

    Eating out is part of the experience during durian season, but 99 Old Trees’ Kelvin Tan suggests relishing the king of fruits safely at home, for now.
  8. Mao Shan Wang durian from 99 Old Trees

    Durian season to peak in August with the 'best and cheapest' Mao Shan Wang

    It's not over – a bumper haul from Malaysia is set to arrive over National Day weekend. Watch CNA Lifestyle's video for tips on how to tell the ...
  9. Family pic

    Stressed out, mum and dad? This free app includes tips from a 'parent whisperer'

    Parents need a lot of help during these times, and the Family5 app includes content from 50 experts from Singapore and around the world.
  10. Happy Father's Day

    DIY xiao long bao kits, Lego and other Father's Day gifts you don't have to go out for

    Still unsure about rushing out to dine at restaurants to celebrate your dad? You can just stay at home for a special meal, give him a tech ...