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  1. Joanne Peh CNA Luxury november digital cover

    Joanne Peh takes a stand: I found peace by loving even those who hurt me

    CNA Luxury's November digital cover star wants women to remember the "softer" power they wield. But make no mistake: Come for her and she'll put ...
  2. Funan Line Friends 1

    Cameras ready: Brown, Cony, Choco and other Line Friends come to Singapore

    The Line Friends World Tour is Southeast Asia’s largest Line Friends exhibition and takes place across 13 malls in Singapore from Nov 15 to Jan 24.
  3. Last Madame 1

    Last Madame: Joanne Peh talks about that steamy M18 scene

    Toggle’s first ever drama with a mature rating sees the actress hopping into bed with the most risque script of her career. Are her parents going ...
  4. Sheila Sim

    How Sheila Sim rebooted her life: 'The only thing I can change is myself'

    The actress and former top model realised she was living in a loop of bad relationships. This is how she dug deep to find clarity and strength – ...
  5. Pierre Png and Andrea De Cruz

    Pierre Png and Andrea De Cruz's Christmas tradition for lonely friends who need family

    In the Yuletide season, the leading man shares his favourite Christmas memories – and tips on how to buy a Christmas present for your wife.
  6. Broadcaster and film maker David Attenborough attends the premiere of Blue Planet II at the British

    Chased by rhinos, killer bees for a TV show – what’s it like working with David Attenborough?

    Scott Alexander, series producer of BBC Earth’s latest series Seven Worlds, One Planet, shares his experiences working with the famous TV host and ...
  7. Suthasini

    Singaporean singer turns online hate comments into a viral music video in India

    Vasantham Star winner Suthasini looks back at the haters who told her to “fix her smile” and talks about her success on the Singing Stars ...
  8. Eswari Gunasagar

    Eswari’s Deepavali tip: Put your phones away and enjoy time with loved ones

    Deepavali is one of Eswari’s favourite times of the year, the Vasantham and Channel 5 star known for playing Shruti Bhaskar looks forward to ...
  9. Alejandro Blanco 1

    10 years of tacos: The man who introduced real Mexican food to Singapore

    When Alejandro Blanco first opened Senor Taco and, later, El Mero Mero, many customers thought Mexican cuisine was quesadillas, Coronas, hard taco ...
  10. Jean-Yves Bordier butter 3

    He’s legen-dairy: The Frenchman who makes the world's best butter by hand

    Jean-Yves Bordier, who was in town for Voilah! France Singapore Festival, doesn’t want you to call him an artist or even butter maker. He just ...