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  1. BoTart's pineappless tarts

    You can now buy pineapple tarts – without the pineapple jam

    Is BoTart’s new offering so wrong or so right? Is eating a pineapple tart with no pineapple filling the same as asking the hawker uncle for "mee ...
  2. Pink beetroot latte in blue cup, with orange cup and yellow cup

    Ordinary lattes too boring? Where to get pink, blue and purple drinks in Singapore

    Move over, boring brown coffee. Milky beverages in all colours are proliferating – from "goth" charcoal lattes to green avocado-teriyaki ones.
  3. Collage of emojis

    Sorry, I've come empty-handed: Why I’ve stopped giving presents at Christmas

    Call me a Grinch if you will, but "gifting" has become too much of a social construct. Here's why you won't be getting a prettily packaged present ...
  4. A cup of ice cream next to Christmas cookies and flowers

    Mala Chocolate and Gingerbread Latte: Enjoy festive flavours at local ice cream parlours

    These flavours have been specially concocted for the season, so taste them before they’re all gone.
  5. Books stacked into shape of tree

    ‘Tis the season to upcycle: More eco-friendly ways to decorate for Christmas

    Worried about the impact of plastic on the environment? Unwilling to indulge in holiday consumerism? Here are six jolly ideas for super cute, ...
  6. Zheng Geping

    You're not young any more: Doctor tells 'hunkle' Zheng Geping to stop working out

    Years of injuries have caught up with the 55-year-old actor known for his buff physique. But he's staying positive: "I hope to do one last topless ...
  7. Collage of several Singapore chefs

    'Why would anyone want to eat turkey?': Christmas traditions of Singapore chefs

    KFC at a family get together, mince pies from Marks & Spencer and dads who think the ham needs chillies – these are just some of the things local ...
  8. Uni and caviar tempura at Ippoh Tempura Bar by Ginza Ippoh

    Crisp, light and non-oily: The Osaka-style tempura in Singapore you didn’t know about

    At Ippoh Tempura Bar, which traces its lineage to a 150-year-old family-run restaurant in Japan, even the humble supermarket eggplant can turn ...
  9. Bjorn Shen in his restaurant Artichoke

    ‘This kind of place sure cannot last’: Artichoke's Bjorn Shen laughs at critics 9 years on

    The MasterChef Singapore judge shares how he had to deal with customers who asked, ‘Where’s the real food?’, how he had to counsel abused ...
  10. Andie Chen martial arts 1

    ‘I hated how I was’: How Andie Chen fought a medical condition to become an action star

    The actor, who’s seen in the martial arts drama The Good Fight, opens up about struggling against an autoimmune disorder to build not just a ...