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  1. Level33's seabass and beer malt

    Stay home restaurant recipe: LeVel33's sea bass and beer malt 'risotto'

    Fresh fish on a bed of chewy, nutty beer malt 'risotto' is one of LeVeL33's signature dishes, and it's not difficult to make a version of it at home.
  2. Egg souffle with avocado and spinach

    Stay home restaurant recipe: Buona Terra's egg souffle with avocado and spinach

    Want to make a healthy Michelin-star-level breakfast for your loved ones? Buona Terra's Chef Denis Lucchi shows you how.
  3. Desmond Tan and dog in bed

    Celebrity Zoom hangout session: In bed with Desmond Tan and his dogs

    We caught up with the Code Of Law actor through a video call to see how he spends his day at home – and got a little tour of his house.
  4. Oon Shu An eating a chocolate puff

    Sounds delicious: She’s doing ASMR eating videos to support F&B establishments

    Actress Oon Shu An took her love of recording eating sounds to the next level – and hopes all that munching and crunching puts the spotlight on ...
  5. 1 Kitchen Stories Bar Cicheti Chef Lim Yew Aun 1

    Stay home restaurant recipe: Bar Cicheti's tagliatelle arrabiata with prawns

    Ready to try your hand at an easy restaurant-inspired dish? Bar Cicheti's chef Lim Yew Aun shows you how to create pasta magic with simple ...
  6. Unusual celebrations hero

    Circuit breaker celebrations: How Singaporeans are doing birthdays and weddings differently

    A butterfly gift, K-pop song covers and parties for pets – here’s how some of us are celebrating special events in out-of-the-ordinary ways.
  7. Nasi briyani in the shape of a bear

    Want some nasi bear-yani? How to turn your boring takeaways into cute meals

    You'll never look at fishballs in the same way again. Labyrinth’s Chef LG Han shows you how to entertain your loved ones with some magic on a plate.
  8. Blue Jasmine's Khao Kluk Kapi

    Stay home restaurant recipe: Blue Jasmine's Thai shrimp paste fried rice

    Ready to try your hand at an easy restaurant-inspired dish? Here’s a quick Thai recipe from Chef Nipaporn Doungiaisantisuk of Blue Jasmine.
  9. What people are buying during circuit breaker

    Inflatable pools, boba ice cream: What people are buying online during circuit breaker

    Many are resorting to online retail therapy to keep themselves preoccupied during the “circuit breaker” period. Here are some of the more unusual ...
  10. Sprmrkt chef Marc Wee

    Stay home restaurant recipe: SPRMRKT's Cauliflower and broccoli 'couscous'

    Now that staying home has led so many of us to discover our cooking talents, here are some easy restaurant-inspired dishes you can try your hand ...