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  1. House Party For 2 podcast guest Priscelia Chan

    Priscelia Chan’s secret to a strong, happy marriage – even during the 'circuit breaker'

    If not for the support of her husband and family, she wouldn't have been able to emerge stronger from the health crisis she suffered for two ...
  2. SG Chee Cheong Fun by Ben Yeo

    The perfect chee cheong fun? Actor Ben Yeo thinks he's found the salty-sweet recipe

    Online business Singapore Chee Cheong Fun is the SHATEC-trained actor and host's shot at making the humble rice roll dish a "proud local delicacy".
  3. Catfish Prawn Toast

    The chef of this new seafood restaurant in Singapore wants to ‘make fish sexy’

    Chef Andrew Walsh knows the quick route to diners' hearts – with some boldly flavoured surprises to spice things up at his latest restaurant, Catfish.
  4. House Party for 2 Shabir HERO

    From gangs to Kollywood: Singaporean singer Shabir reveals how music saved him

    In our House Party For 2 podcast interview, the singer and composer looks back at his rough life as a youth and why he now considers it a ...
  5. Avenue 87 Chefs Glen Tay and Alex Phan

    How two Hougang boys opened a dream restaurant through ‘telepathy’

    Glen Tay is in Shanghai while Alex Phan is in Singapore. But that didn’t stop the two chefs from throwing open the doors of Avenue 87, a brand new ...
  6. Tay Ping Hui House Party For 2

    Tay Ping Hui on turning 50 and current goals: ‘More ripped, less char kway teow’

    In the second season of our podcast series House Party For 2, actor Tay Ping Hui talks about midlife crises and how getting older won’t be a big ...
  7. Hero-new-Kenneth-Foong-Noma

    A Singaporean is the new head chef of world-famous restaurant Noma in Denmark

    From choosing a different career path to making his “typical Asian” parents proud, 31-year-old Kenneth Foong is now heading up the New Nordic ...
  8. House Party For 2 podcast with Taufik Batisah

    Being a property agent saved Taufik Batisah during COVID-19 – without having to sing

    With shows cancelled and TV projects postponed, the Singapore Idol revealed how he kept afloat during “circuit breaker” and how things were ...
  9. House Party For 2 with Elvin Ng

    Why Elvin Ng is socially awkward at parties like you: ‘I don’t know why I’m an artiste’

    For our latest House Party For 2 podcast, the Singaporean actor talks about growing comfortable in his skin – and recounts how he coped with his ...
  10. Luke's Lobster's Famous Classic Lobster Roll

    Sneak peek at Luke's Lobster Singapore: Does it taste the same as in the US?

    CNA Lifestyle's May Seah does a taste test ahead of the opening on Sep 23 at Orchard Road. Are the lobster rolls as fresh and tasty as their US ...