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May Seah

Journalist at CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. Glamping with manatees at the River Safari

    Glamping with manatees: What it's like to sleep over with the aquatic giants

    CNA Lifestyle's May Seah shared a bedroom, so to speak, with the placidly charming animals at the River Safari's Glamping with the Manatees ...
  2. The Carne Complete Burger

    Hungry girl seeks perfect burger: This one has links to the world’s best restaurant

    Is a burger associated with 3-Michelin-starred Mirazur also the best burger ever? CNA Lifestyle continues on the quest for true burger love in ...
  3. Qi Yuwu and Carrie Wong in A Quest To Heal

    Carrie Wong, Qi Yuwu conquer fear of heights by ‘flying’ in Ming dynasty drama

    And, which A Quest To Heal cast member turned out to be surprisingly popular in Hengdian? The answer might surprise you.
  4. No-shows for dining reservations

    Restaurant no-shows on the rise as Singapore's F&B scene struggles through the pandemic

    Many diners are making several bookings per night, choosing one and cancelling the rest at the last minute, say restaurants and chefs who are at ...
  5. Satay, peanut sauce and ketupat at Alhambra Satay at Xin Tekka

    Hungry for heritage dishes? Here’s what to try out at the new Xin Tekka food hall

    Comeback restaurateurs, legacy brands and next-generation hawkers are gathered together at this food court, the largest in Tekka. CNA Lifestyle ...
  6. Suthasini

    Singaporean singer turns online hate comments into a viral music video in India

    Vasantham Star winner Suthasini looks back at the haters who told her to “fix her smile” and talks about her success on the Singing Stars ...
  7. Shabir Kollywood Singapore music composer actor Sagaa 1

    Shabir is Singapore’s latest prized export – and he’s taking India by storm

    The Tamil film industry is more than ready for the Singaporean musician and actor but, as CNA Lifestyle found out, his heart is with his country – ...
  8. The Abu Kebab at Miznon Singapore

    We try proper Israeli street food in Singapore: Stuffed pita with a MasterChef twist

    Miznon is the global chain you've never heard of – it's founded by a MasterChef Israel judge and offers 12 types of stuffed pita and more.
  9. The Last Song 1

    Andie Chen releases short war film starring Nas Daily (it doesn't end well for him)

    Both the first-time producer and social media personality act as national reservist men who have to fight for their country when a battle breaks out.
  10. Dog for adoption

    Adopt me! Meet the newly eligible rescue dogs who can now live in HDB flats

    For these shelter pups, some of whom have never seen the inside of a home, there’s renewed hope thanks to the new HDB guidelines allowing larger ...