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  1. Satay, peanut sauce and ketupat at Alhambra Satay at Xin Tekka

    Hungry for heritage dishes? Here’s what to try out at the new Xin Tekka food hall

    Comeback restaurateurs, legacy brands and next-generation hawkers are gathered together at this food court, the largest in Tekka. CNA Lifestyle ...
  2. No-shows for dining reservations

    Restaurant no-shows on the rise as Singapore's F&B scene struggles through the pandemic

    Many diners are making several bookings per night, choosing one and cancelling the rest at the last minute, say restaurants and chefs who are at ...
  3. Ah Ma's Yam Cake

    One family serves up authentic yam cake just like grandma used to make

    Madam Jiew Meng started Ah Ma's Yam Cake during the circuit breaker, faithfully following a recipe passed down from her grandmother.
  4. Sheila Sim and Romeo Tan, stars of How Are You 2

    A secret pregnancy and COVID-19: Dialect drama How Are You returns after filming challenges

    Executive producer Zheng Geping kept a keen eye on health and safety, while cast members including Romeo Tan and Sheila Sim were happy to be ...
  5. Chantelle Ng

    Why Singapore actress Chantalle Ng is now selling collagen chicken soup

    The All Around You star behind Yuan Collagen reveals why her mother, actress Lin Mei Jiao, and Instagram’s “block” button bring her comfort like ...
  6. Qi Yuwu and Carrie Wong in A Quest To Heal

    Carrie Wong, Qi Yuwu conquer fear of heights by ‘flying’ in Ming dynasty drama

    And, which A Quest To Heal cast member turned out to be surprisingly popular in Hengdian? The answer might surprise you.
  7. Chilli taste test

    Spicy taste test: The best homemade chilli sauces in Singapore you can get now

    CNA Lifestyle’s resident spice connoisseurs put six made-in-Singapore, personal-recipe bottled chillies through a rigorous taste test. Check out ...
  8. Ijah of Lady's FoodIcon

    Jalan Kukoh's enterprising mums make popiah and begedil to ride out COVID-19

    Making ends meet hasn't been easy, with the global pandemic taking a toll on these families' incomes. So, with a little help, a few resourceful ...
  9. Dirty Delicious Umami Butter in a jar with bread

    Tried umami or bacon butter? Best bread spreads and dips you won't find in supermarkets

    If you’re going to splash out on the best sourdough, rye or baguette, you’ll need equally delicious, freshly-made gourmet goodies to top it with.
  10. Nat Ho in Los Angeles

    Music, curfews, lockdown: Singapore’s Nat Ho on living his dream in Los Angeles

    Black Lives Matter and a pandemic weren’t part of the plan when the actor-singer moved to Los Angeles last year to study. But he plans to stay put ...