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  1. UW-BV-Sundeck_b

    Oysters and S$40,000 beds: Redefining the cruise experience on Bordeaux’s rivers

    We took a leisurely five-day sail around France’s wine region on a lush boutique river cruise that carries just 124 passengers and a heated ...
  2. Chef Julien Royer Odette 1

    The chef behind Singapore’s No 1 restaurant is now serving food on a plane

    Odette’s chef-owner is scaling new heights – not only is his restaurant tops in Asia, Julien Royer is also the first Singapore-based chef to work ...
  3. Folklore Chef Damian D'Silva Eurasian food cuisine 1

    Why chef Damian D’Silva fights for the soul of Singapore's food heritage

    "We have not lost our identity per se, but we’ve forgotten who we are." The crusade against cultural erosion by one of Singapore’s most stalwart ...
  4. Alexander SM Pang 3 New Ubin Seafood

    How New Ubin Seafood became famous for its beef and 'heart attack' fried rice

    The father-and-son team behind this famous establishment don’t just do zi char; they are in search of a true Singapore cuisine.
  5. Uni congee Chefs supper Le Binchotan

    These chefs want to share their fondest supper secrets with you at Le Binchotan

    Chef Jeremmy Chiam will be collaborating with chefs Damian D'Silva, Sam Chablani and ArChan Chan to bring you supper with friends – but where ...
  6. Meatless Burger date

    Hungry girl goes on blind dates with meatless burgers – should she follow her conscience or heart?

    Plant-based burgers made with Impossible and Beyond "meat" are all the rage now, so CNA Lifestyle had to see if any of them could win us over.
  7. 51 Soho cocktails chinois food drinks restaurant

    Hold on to your prosperity cups – everything 'Chinese-y' is cool again in F&B

    With menu items like The Concubine's Carp and Fragrant Phoenix, it's time to re-enter the dragon at chinois joints Fat Dragon, The Dragon Chamber ...
  8. Xu Bin nominated for Best Supporting Actor Star Awards 1

    'I still don’t think I can act,' says first-time Star Award nominee Xu Bin

    The Best Supporting Actor nominee recalls criticism and abuse when he first started out, but is in a reflective state these days, even as ...
  9. Narain brownie boy 1

    Baker boy: How Lion Mums' Narain went from actor to Brownie Boy

    Television actor Narain is sweet on brownies – baking delicious chocolate treats is his way of de-stressing after a hard day’s work.
  10. Estee Lauder Joanne Peh oon shu an nurul aini

    Joanne Peh's beauty tip: Meditation before bedtime is the secret to good skin

    Fellow actresses Nurul Aini and Oon Shu An also shared their favourite beauty tips with CNA Lifestyle at Estee Lauder's Power Of Night pop-up event.