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Mediacorp launches platform to connect brands with social media talents

Mediacorp launches platform to connect brands with social media talents

Mediacorp SocialHub is a new self-service platform that connects marketers and media agencies to one of Singapore's largest network of social media talents.

SINGAPORE: Mediacorp launched on Wednesday (Oct 28) a new self-service platform that connects marketers and media agencies to social media talents. 

Brands looking to build "impactful social media marketing campaigns" can now use Mediacorp SocialHub, which brings together Mediacorp's celebrities, digital content creators, talents from partner agencies, as well as independent influencers, said the company in a news release. 

This would give clients more options as they plan their social campaigns from conceptualisation to execution using a "data-driven approach", it said. 

"With over 80 per cent of Singaporeans on social media, social media marketing is increasingly becoming a key part of any marketing strategy to increase awareness of one’s brand, product or service.

"Statistics also show that close to 51 per cent of Singaporeans are influenced by social media when making purchasing decisions," said Mediacorp. 

It added that the new platform will allow marketers to tap the extensive reach of close to 300 talents, comprising artistes and content creators from The Celebrity Agency, Bloomr.SG, Fly Entertainment and Starsnest, to reach out to their target audience and at a budget that suits them. 

"Mediacorp SocialHub empowers marketers to self-create, order and track their campaigns via a single platform," said the company. 

Mediacorp SocialHub will allow marketers to tap the reach of close to 300 talents and at a budget that suits them.

Clients can furnish the system with key information such as the campaign brief, objectives, target audience and desired reach. Based on these parameters, Mediacorp will engage suitable social influencers to create and post campaign-related content on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. 

Clients can then track the performance of their campaigns in real-time and make adjustments when needed. 

At any stage of a campaign, they can also call upon a team of social media strategists and analysts to provide dedicated end-to-end support, said Mediacorp. Clients can also use the platform's integrated chatbot system for instant communication. 

Mediacorp's chief commercial and digital officer Parminder Singh said "social conversations" are an effective way to spotlight marketing messages, and brands are increasingly turning to social influencers to "humanise and amplify" these conversations. 

"However, it’s not always easy for brands to find the right influencers. 

"This is where Mediacorp SocialHub steps in... a single-point solution to help brands connect with relevant influencers who reflect their brands’ attributes and reach the right target audience," he said. 

Mr Singh added that Mediacorp SocialHub helps brands create, execute and track the performances of their influencer campaigns. 

Mediacorp SocialHub was developed in collaboration with Mikz Alliance, the leading supplier of software solutions for the influencer marketing industry. The platform is now live at

Source: CNA/lk


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