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The Climate Conversations

The Climate Conversations

A brand new season looks past promises and policy and into people and practices in meeting the challenges of climate change. Each week, we talk to experts who help us understand one of the most pressing issues facing humankind.

The Climate Conversations - S3E20: Can you grow enough food in your HDB flat to feed yourself?

Growing your own food is the last line of defence as food security is threatened by climate change. Bjorn Low, founder of Edible Garden City gives tips on how to plant your own balcony garden and shares why Singapore should think beyond technology solutions to beef up its food security. 

24/11/2022 20 mins

The Climate Conversations - S3E19: Should the rich pay for the climate devastation in poorer countries? | EP 19

Loss and damage is on the climate summit’s agenda for the first time at COP 27. Developing countries are struggling to rebuild as historic floods and creeping sea levels batter their lands. Now, they want someone else to pay. What is loss and damage and how might this affect people living on the climate frontline? CNA’s climate change correspondent Jack Board gives his take from Egypt. 

16/11/2022 20 mins

The Climate Conversations - S3E18: Will Egypt, holding the 'crown' of COP27, deliver? | EP 18

Even before the critical climate conference began in Egypt this week, the government clamped down on activism and Greta Thunberg is absent. But the serious business of addressing climate change continues, says COP veteran Melissa Low, Research Fellow at NUS Centre for Nature-based Climate Solutions.  

10/11/2022 24 mins

The Climate Conversations - S3E17: What exactly is a green job? | EP 17

With climate change and sustainability being front and center, there's been an explosion of jobs related to this sector. Our guest host, SMU Law student Ming Jin, speaks to Woo Qiyun, a climate activist who works at Unravel Carbon. She explains how she got into the space and what it is like. 

02/11/2022 18 mins

The Climate Conversations - S3E16: Should companies give away their profits to save the planet? | EP 16

Patagonia’s founder Yvon Chouinard has announced that he is giving away his company to fight climate change. But corporations are built around the idea of maximising shareholder wealth. As the climate crisis deepens, do we need to rethink how businesses are fundamentally being run? Julie Yoo gets some answers from Jessica Cheam, founder of Eco-Business. 

26/10/2022 19 mins