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The Climate Conversations

The Climate Conversations - S1: Climate change and the law: What's next as national courts, international law and climate action intersect? | EP 27

The Climate Conversations
05 Mar 2021 06:05AM
22 mins

As environmental groups, activists and communities turn to the law to force climate action from governments and corporations, Jaime Ho speaks to environment and climate change lawyer Jolene Lin on what this means, and how these trends compare between Asia, Europe and the United States.

Managing Asia’s energy transition: How can climate pledges and action be balanced with growth? | EP 40

Can Asia “radically reinvent” its energy systems and reduce reliance on fossil fuels despite rising demand? What are the “exit costs” when oil and gas companies change their business models? Accenture Senior Managing Director Valentin de Miguel speaks to Jaime Ho on the unique challenges facing the region and what companies and governments can do to make this leap.

15/07/2021 27 mins

What’s behind the IEA’s roadmap for global energy use in the quest for net-zero emissions by 2050 | EP 39

In tackling the climate crisis, nations have to transform their energy sector, a key component responsible for the majority of global greenhouse gas emissions. The International Energy Agency (IEA) has set out a pathway on what countries must do starting now. But how feasible are its projected milestones and can nations with vastly different resources keep to their commitments? Jaime Ho speaks…

17/06/2021 26 mins

Enhancing Indonesia’s climate ambition: Dino Patti Djalal on getting to net zero sooner, rather than in 2070 | EP 38

Can Indonesia get to net zero emissions by 2050, and what roles can a carbon tax and natural climate solutions play? And what about the tricky challenges of reducing fossil fuel subsidies and Indonesia's reliance on coal? Jaime Ho speaks to Dino Patti Djalal, Chairman of Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia and fellow at the Milken Institute’s Asia Center.

10/06/2021 21 mins

Will Singapore’s Climate Impact X (CIX) be a game-changer in the global carbon credit marketplace? | EP 37

A new global carbon exchange headquartered in Singapore will allow companies to buy and sell carbon credits. Four founders have kicked this off – DBS and Standard Chartered Banks, state investment company Temasek and the Singapore Exchange (SGX). What does CIX offer that is different? How will transparency and "good quality credits" be assured? Jaime Ho speaks to Mikkel Larsen, the Chief…

03/06/2021 25 mins

The Climate Conversations - S1: What’s the state of climate change education in Singapore's school curriculum? | EP 35

Future generations will deal with impacts of climate change so education is key. How are our educators and those who shape our school curriculums dealing with climate change? What does it take to infuse a comprehensive climate change curriculum? Where are we now and how much more needs to be done? Jaime Ho finds out from Associate Professor Chang Chew Hung, Dean of Academic and Strategic…

13/05/2021 27 mins


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