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The Climate Conversations

The Climate Conversations - S2: Greening Singapore’s buildings: What makes a building green anyway? | EP 26

The Climate Conversations
26 Feb 2021 06:05AM
26 mins

As part of the Singapore Green Plan, a major target is to green 80 per cent of Singapore’s buildings by floor area by 2030. This week, Jaime Ho speaks to SUTD’s Sam Joyce on what greening a building means from design to finish, with old and new buildings and the role humans and machines will play in future.

The Climate Conversations - S2: Voices at COP26 in Glasgow: A collision of passion and pragmatism? | EP 55

In a special edition, CNA's climate correspondent Jack Board reports on COP26 from Glasgow. While world leaders and corporate executives huddle in halls and on stages to decide the future of the Earth, he speaks to people who are clamouring for change but have been shut out from having a seat at the table: An indigenous group mother-and-daughter duo from the Philippines, a young man who gave…

12/11/2021 23 mins

The Climate Conversations - S2: How achievable is Malaysia's 2050 net zero emissions target? | EP 54

Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob announced the country's goal of reaching net zero as early as 2050. Plans include ending new coal-fired power plants, increasing renewable energy capacity and adopting carbon tax. What are the challenges with implementation? What does it mean for Malaysia’s economy, and role of sectors such as fossil fuels and palm oil? Jaime Ho speaks to Hezri Adnan,…

05/11/2021 21 mins

The Climate Conversations - S2: Will COP26 deliver under the weight of expectations? | EP 53

From this week, negotiators and leaders will gather in Glasgow to negotiate outcomes that will set in place promises made in the landmark Paris Agreement of 2015. On the back of the latest IPCC report which delivered a “code red for humanity”, what can and must we expect at COP26? Jaime Ho speaks to Isabelle de Lovinfosse who works for the British Government as the Head of Southeast Asia COP…

29/10/2021 34 mins

The Climate Conversations - S2: How artificial intelligence can help humans fight climate change | EP 52

Advances in deep learning and computational power have made artificial intelligence (AI) less science fiction and more of a reality as a powerful tool in fighting climate change. But exactly what can it do to help us reduce emissions and mitigate impacts? What are the downsides of using AI to deal with a problem as complex as climate change? Jaime Ho speaks to Markus Kraft, Professor of…

22/10/2021 27 mins

The Climate Conversations - S2: Between generating and selling electricity, what’s one player in Singapore doing in the name of climate action and sustainability? | EP 51

With rising electricity prices and growing demand, how do electricity companies balance cost with carbon emissions reductions commitments? Why are alternative energy sources still not a big part of the mix and how can customers help in this green journey? Jaime Ho speaks to Lim Han Kwang, CEO of Geneco and Group Head (Retail, Regulation and Renewables) of YTL PowerSeraya to find out how they…

14/10/2021 25 mins