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The Climate Conversations

The Climate Conversations - S2: How artificial intelligence can help humans fight climate change | EP 52

The Climate Conversations
22 Oct 2021 08:01AM
27 mins

Advances in deep learning and computational power have made artificial intelligence (AI) less science fiction and more of a reality as a powerful tool in fighting climate change. But exactly what can it do to help us reduce emissions and mitigate impacts? What are the downsides of using AI to deal with a problem as complex as climate change? Jaime Ho speaks to Markus Kraft, Professor of Chemical Engineering and Director of Cambridge CARES, the University of Cambridge’s research centre based in Singapore and author of Intelligent Decarbonisation.

The Climate Conversations - S2: In Malaysia, will historic floods bring climate adaptation even more clearly into focus? | EP 60

At least 50 people died and thousands more saw their homes washed away in recent floods that hit Peninsula Malaysia. Could more have been done on flood management? How can politics, finance, data and technology come together to deal with more frequent, intense and potentially unpredictable storms? Jaime Ho speaks to Renard Siew, Climate Change Adviser to the Centre for Governance and Political…

13/01/2022 20 mins

The Climate Conversations - S2: How does a protected UNESCO World Heritage forest emit more carbon instead of absorbing it? |EP 59

Forests worldwide are crucial to our fight against climate change but researchers have found that 10 UNESCO World Heritage forests are now emitting more carbon than they absorb. How did the world’s most protected forests get to this stage? Can the damage be reversed to restore them as carbon sinks? What is the impact of national efforts and international commitments like those made at COP26?…

09/12/2021 19 mins

The Climate Conversations - S2: Will palm oil ever be as sustainable as it is essential? | EP 58

Palm oil is so versatile, it's found in half of packaged foods. It's also been identified as a driver for deforestation, when swaths of forests are cleared to make way for lucrative plantations. How has the industry tackled growing pressures to become more sustainable? How are smallholder farmers who earn a living from palm oil supported? And does sustainable palm oil mean higher prices for…

03/12/2021 28 mins

The Climate Conversations - S2: What’s your video streaming got to do with climate change? We look at data centres and sustainability | EP 57

From streaming a movie on Netflix, to e-commerce and e-banking, we rely on data centres to process and communicate information at lightning speeds. Yet they are energy and water guzzlers. How are governments balancing the lucrative opportunity of building more data centres but also managing their large electricity footprint? And what does an eco-friendly data center look like? Jaime Ho speaks…

25/11/2021 22 mins

The Climate Conversations - S2: COP26 report card: Progress but yet more room for improvement? | EP 56

Just what did the most important climate conference since Paris in 2015 achieve? What did nearly 200 countries commit to and where did they fall below expectations? Have a few cans been kicked down the road to Egypt next year even if countries cannot afford a minute to waste? Jaime Ho gets Melissa Low, Research Fellow at the NUS Energy Studies Institute to give us her take.

18/11/2021 35 mins