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The Climate Conversations

The Climate Conversations - S3E1: Tales from the original climate activist Sivasothi | EP 1

The Climate Conversations - S3E1: Tales from the original climate activist Sivasothi | EP 1
14 Jul 2022 08:53AM
29 mins
Watching otters before it was cool and petitioning to save Chek Jawa in 2001, wildlife conservationist N Sivasothi, aka "Otterman", has seen it all. From climate apathy to serious activism, CNA's Julie Yoo gets Siva to talk about Singapore’s past and its future in a climate changed world. Get in touch with us: cnapodcasts [at]

The Climate Conversations - S3E6: Why SMEs find it hard to go green | EP 6

99 per cent of Singapore businesses are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and they are crucial to any country’s net zero ambitions. But they face challenges with cost and manpower. Julie Yoo speaks to CEO of Containers Printers Amy Chung who’s been a first mover in cutting emissions.

17/08/2022 15 mins

The Climate Conversations - S3E5: Will you use insect repellent made from durian husks? | EP 5

Whether you love or hate the thorny fruit, they are precious raw material for one med-tech start-up in Singapore. N&E Innovations' Didi Gan and Devi Krishna tell Julie Yoo how they stumbled on turning food waste into all natural products and what sparked their interest.

11/08/2022 18 mins

The Climate Conversations - S3E4: Why tracking carbon emissions is big business | EP 4

What gets measured gets managed. This is the belief underlying the business of Grace Sai and Marc Allen, co-founders of Unravel Carbon. CNA presenter Juile Yoo gets the co-founders to talk about how their climate-tech start up wants to offer companies in Asia a fast and painless way to track and reduce their carbon emissions.

04/08/2022 26 mins

The Climate Conversations - S3E3: How much heat can humans take? | EP 3

Record heatwaves are hitting countries from Europe to Asia in a sign we are heading towards a much hotter future. Singapore will not be spared – but can we deal with intense heat? How will the lived experiences of a diverse group of people change and what do we need to do to cope? Associate Professor Gregory Clancey at the National University of Singapore explains how history can give us ideas and

28/07/2022 20 mins

The Climate Conversations - S3E2: Beef wellington without the beef? A plant-based butcher is serious | EP 2

He used to enjoy a good old-fashioned greasy burger but now, Addis Tan, the co-founder of Love Handle, is all about food that is good for people and the environment. He sits down with Julie Yoo to talk about breaking barriers and staying hungry in the business of plant-based meats.

21/07/2022 21 mins