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The Climate Conversations

The Climate Conversations - S3E12: The technology is here to make green hydrogen cheaper | EP 12

The Climate Conversations - S3E12: The technology is here to make green hydrogen cheaper | EP 12
29 Sep 2022 06:51AM
20 mins

Fascinated with energy since she was a child, Tulika Raj worked on offshore rigs in Kazakhstan and Norway before switching to renewable energy. Now CEO of SunGreen H2, she tells Julie about what it takes for hydrogen to become green, cheap and produced at scale. 

The Climate Conversations - S3E33: How can hotels and theme parks go green?

Revenge travel is in full swing but the tourism industry also has its eye on its role in decarbonising. Can you be sustainable and still have an experience to remember? Sentosa’s planning division director Lee Cheh Hsien outlines how the island resort is taking on the difficult task of decarbonising its hotels and attractions. 

29/03/2023 16 mins

The Climate Conversations - S3E32: How one Singapore company is solving the world’s water problems

As a student, Lim Chong Tee co-founded Wateroam to bring clean water to communities without electricity. This World Water Day, he tells CNA’s Julie Yoo why a portable water filter can help hundreds of people get instant access to drinkable water in rural and disaster-hit zones. 

22/03/2023 15 mins

The Climate Conversations - S3E31: Fancy a beer made from leftover bread? Welcome to the world of upcycling

Bread is one of the most common breakfast foods around the world but over 24 million slices are thrown away each day. By upcycling food waste into beverages, CEO of CRUST Travin Singh tells Julie Yoo how his company has saved over 2,500kg of bread in Singapore by turning bread into beer. 

15/03/2023 19 mins

The Climate Conversations - S3E30: What you need to know about solar panels in your home

Solar prices have dipped dramatically over the last decade but installing these energy-saving panels isn’t necessarily cheap nor straightforward. Julie Yoo asks Bolong Chew, founder of the start-up Solar AI, what are the challenges and long-term benefits of going green. 

09/03/2023 23 mins

The Climate Conversations - S3E29: Asia’s Great Climate Frontiers: How ecotourism is saving Thailand’s rainforest

Tropical rainforests are a carbon sink and also one of earth’s best defences against climate change. But to preserve the forest, Thailand’s indigenous people must find new ways of making a living.  Join Jack Board, CNA Climate Correspondent, as he finds out how climate change is affecting places and people across Asia.  

01/03/2023 15 mins