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The Climate Conversations

The Climate Conversations - S3E8: Where will your fish come from in a climate stressed world? | EP 8

The Climate Conversations
01 Sep 2022 11:54AM
19 mins

As waters get warmer and the weather gets more unpredictable, how can Singapore better protect its seafood supplies? How does sustainable fishing and aquafarms play a role in ensuring for food security in a climate stressed future? Julie Yoo speaks to Chester Gan, Responsible Seafood Programme Officer at WWF-Singapore, on how seafood gets onto your plate.

The Climate Conversations - S3E25: Asia’s Great Climate Frontiers: The slow death of normal life in the Gobi Desert

In this special five-part series called "Asia's Great Climate Frontiers", CNA’s Climate Change correspondent, Jack Board journeys across Asia to find out first-hand how climate change is affecting landscapes and lives. This episode looks at how the climate crisis is affecting the livelihoods of Mongolian nomadic herders in the Gobi Desert. 


01/02/2023 13 mins

The Climate Conversations - S3E24: Throwing soup on artwork distracts from climate activism

Climate protests that make the headlines may be good for online views, but young local climate activists say that’s not enough. Poring over environmental reports and showing up at climate conventions are essential to creating change. Julie Yoo speaks to Ho Xiang Tian and Rishika Selvan in this episode. 

25/01/2023 25 mins

The Climate Conversations - S3E23: Why don’t we care more about climate change?

It’s all in the way our mind works. Psychologists say we take mental shortcuts and that means we don’t make decisions which are more sustainable.  Julie Yoo speaks to Edward Choy and Jo Tan who recently hosted the documentary Who cares about Polar Bears?  

19/01/2023 14 mins

The Climate Conversations - S3E22: Are green cities too expensive to build?

Can we better design green cities while balancing economic and climate concerns? Internationally renowned architect Lee Polisano, co-founder of PLP Architecture, talks to Julie Yoo about how he designed some of the world’s greenest buildings. 

11/01/2023 19 mins

The Climate Conversations - S3E21: How to enjoy Christmas without being excessive

Taking materialism out of gift-giving might require some creativity. From taking the stigma out of re-gifting to creating new family traditions, Stephanie Dickson, founder of Green is The New Black, gives tips on how to be more sustainable this season without dampening your festive spirit.

30/11/2022 16 mins