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The Climate Conversations

The Climate Conversations - S3E5: Will you use insect repellent made from durian husks? | EP 5

The Climate Conversations - S3E5: Will you use insect repellent made from durian husks? | EP 5
11 Aug 2022 08:36AM
18 mins

Whether you love or hate the thorny fruit, they are precious raw material for one med-tech start-up in Singapore. N&E Innovations' Didi Gan and Devi Krishna tell Julie Yoo how they stumbled on turning food waste into all natural products and what sparked their interest.

The Climate Conversations - S3E12: The technology is here to make green hydrogen cheaper | EP 12

Fascinated with energy since she was a child, Tulika Raj worked on offshore rigs in Kazakhstan and Norway before switching to renewable energy. Now CEO of SunGreen H2, she tells Julie about what it takes for hydrogen to become green, cheap and produced at scale. 

28/09/2022 20 mins

The Climate Conversations - S3E11: Why Elon Musk called PM Lee about my Tesla car | EP 11

Refugee, Princeton graduate and the first Tesla owner in Singapore, Joe Nguyen has quite a story. He tells Julie Yoo about the time Tesla owner Elon Musk called the prime minister about his car and why he thinks Singapore could be the first country to replace all internal combustion engine cars in a decade. 

21/09/2022 18 mins

The Climate Conversations - S3E10: From fashion addict to zero-waste advocate | EP 10

A sustainable fashion-addict is an oxymoron, but that’s exactly what Jasmine Tuan, co-founder of Cloop, is. She tells Julie Yoo about hitting rock bottom when she maxed out her credit cards to running a swapping clothes business as an antidote to fast fashion. 

14/09/2022 17 mins

The Climate Conversations - S3E9: Seeing the impacts of climate change one photograph at a time | EP 9

Wading through crocodile-infested waters or battling dehydration – that’s all in the day’s work for award-winning wildlife photographer, Jayaprakash Bojan. He tells Julie Yoo about the picture that changed his entire career, and why photography is a powerful agent for raising awareness about climate change. 

07/09/2022 15 mins

The Climate Conversations - S3E8: Where will your fish come from in a climate stressed world? | EP 8

As waters get warmer and the weather gets more unpredictable, how can Singapore better protect its seafood supplies? How does sustainable fishing and aquafarms play a role in ensuring for food security in a climate stressed future? Julie Yoo speaks to Chester Gan, Responsible Seafood Programme Officer at WWF-Singapore, on how seafood gets onto your plate.

01/09/2022 19 mins