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CNA Correspondent

CNA Correspondent - S1E5: Hot in the City – Shanghai’s Extreme Heatwave | EP 5

CNA Correspondent - S1E5: Hot in the City – Shanghai’s Extreme Heatwave | EP 5
17 Aug 2022 10:52AM
10 mins

In July, China’s financial hub Shanghai experienced a record heatwave. Three red alerts were issued over five days - a jolt for many, unaccustomed to such high heat. Teresa Tang talks to correspondent Low Min Min about the ways people kept cool in the face of potentially more heatwaves to come. 

CNA Correspondent - S1E10: Getting to the bottom of orphanage tourism in Cambodia | EP 10

Some orphans in Cambodia are not orphans. They are children taken from poor families and exploited by orphanage directors who earn profits off the pity of unwitting foreigners. Teresa Tang sits down with CNA correspondent Leong Wai Kit to find out how the country is cracking down on orphanage tourism. 

20/09/2022 18 mins

CNA Correspondent - S1E9: Did Hollywood get the Thai cave rescue right? | EP 9

In 2018, a team of young footballers and their coach ventured into a cave in Northern Thailand. Steve Lai and correspondent Saksith Saiyasombut were on air day after day as the dramatic events unfolded. On this episode of CNA Correspondent, they recount their experience, as the latest Hollywood version of this captivating story is released.

13/09/2022 20 mins

CNA Correspondent - S1E8: From heatwaves to floods: Extreme weather is crippling China | EP 8

China’s worst heatwave in six decades wreaked havoc on lives and livelihoods across large swathes of the country. Low Minmin tells Steve Lai about the wildfires in Chongqing she witnessed and her interviews with farmers devastated by the lack of rain.

06/09/2022 12 mins

CNA Correspondent - S1E7: The dramatic day Najib Razak went to jail | EP 7

Malaysia’s former Prime Minister, Najib Razak, begins his 12-year jail sentence after failing to overturn his first corruption conviction related to the 1MDB scandal. Melissa Goh and Afifah Ariffin talk to Steve Lai about the twists and turns in covering this story, plus what’s next for Najib and Malaysian politics.

30/08/2022 20 mins

CNA Correspondent - S1E6: Too much leftovers: Indonesia fights food waste | EP 6

In Indonesia, a lot of food ends up in the trash. By some estimates, 40 per cent of total waste generated in some communities is actually food waste. Teresa Tang talks to correspondent Chandni Vatvani about landfill scavengers, leftovers, and lessons to be learned.

23/08/2022 18 mins