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CNA Correspondent

CNA Correspondent

They’re your eyes and ears around the globe. CNA’s network of correspondents shines a light on stories from wherever they are in the world, from ground-breaking events to up-and-coming trends. Join them as they bring you behind the headlines, examining issues, meeting people and exploring places.

CNA Correspondent - S1E5: Hot in the City – Shanghai’s Extreme Heatwave | EP 5

In July, China’s financial hub Shanghai experienced a record heatwave. Three red alerts were issued over five days - a jolt for many, unaccustomed to such high heat. Teresa Tang talks to correspondent Low Min Min about the ways people kept cool in the face of potentially more heatwaves to come. 

17/08/2022 10 mins

CNA Correspondent - S1E4: Living in a loop of lockdowns in Shanghai | EP 4

What is it like to live and work under constant lockdowns and ever-changing rules? Low Min Min talks about the twists, turns and life-hacks she learnt while reporting on the seemingly endless story of China’s “zero-COVID” strategy which is being pushed to its limits by the Omicron strain. 

10/08/2022 14 mins

CNA Correspondent - S1E3: The problem Pelosi created | EP 3

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's trip to Taiwan has sparked angry reactions in China which has said it seriously damages peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait. Why did she make the trip? Why is China angry and how will it affect Taiwan? Steve Lai speaks to CNA's correspondents Olivia Siong, Victoria Jen and Nick Harper to get behind-the-scenes reactions.

04/08/2022 23 mins

CNA Correspondent - S1E2: What happens when inflation hits the humble instant noodle | EP 2

After China, Indonesia is the world’s top consumer of instant noodles. Thailand regularly makes it to the top 10 list too. Teresa Tang asks our correspondents in Jakarta and Bangkok how hard inflation has hit the convenient carb, and explores what governments are doing to keep the pantry favourite affordable.

27/07/2022 17 mins

CNA Correspondent - S1E1: The day Shinzo Abe was assassinated | EP 1

The fatal shooting of the well-known ex-Prime Minister shocked Japan – a nation where gun crime is rare. In this first episode of the CNA Correspondent podcast, Steve Lai speaks to CNA’s Japan correspondent, Michiyo Ishida, on her personal experience of covering the news as it broke and the days after.

20/07/2022 16 mins