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CNA Correspondent

CNA Correspondent - S1E19: How South Korea is confronting its energy dilemma | EP 19

CNA Correspondent - S1E19: How South Korea is confronting its energy dilemma | EP 19
23 Nov 2022 08:58AM
14 mins

What do you do when your country is resource poor? You import. A lot. South Korea imports an astounding 94 per cent of its energy sources. And that has posed a challenge - figuring out what the best energy mix is to get to zero emissions. Teresa Tang speaks to Lim Yun Suk who headed to the bowels of a coal mine to look for some answers.

CNA Correspondent - S1E33: Is China the new peacemaker?

China's Xi Jinping met Russia's Vladimir Putin armed with a 12-point peace plan as the war in Ukraine grinds on. Does this visit signal China's growing ambitions on the global stage? Steve Lai speaks with CNA’s Beijing and Shanghai correspondents Olivia Siong and Low Minmin to find out. 

28/03/2023 30 mins

CNA Correspondent - S1E32: A Singapore journalist in Ukraine

On the one-year anniversary of the war in Ukraine, CNA sent correspondent Jeremy Koh to get a firsthand look at life in a conflict zone. He sits down with Teresa Tang to share the challenges and fears he and his team faced while reporting in Kyiv and Lviv. 

21/03/2023 19 mins

CNA Correspondent - S1E31: The dangerous and gut-wrenching experience covering the Turkiye earthquake

From the rollercoaster of emotions while rescuers searched for survivors, to a nation coming together to support the relief efforts, Trent Murray talks to Steve Lai about his time reporting from Malatya, Turkiye after deadly earthquakes devastate an area roughly the size of South Korea.   

14/03/2023 22 mins

CNA Correspondent - S1E30: How women in India fight the patriarchy

CNA Correspondent marks International Women’s Day with a look at India’s progress through the eyes of its women. Steve Lai talks with Neha Poonia and Rebecca Bundhun on how women in India are fighting the patriarchy and charting their own course. 

07/03/2023 26 mins

CNA Correspondent - S1E29: Protecting domestic workers from abuse in Indonesia

Stupid. Idiot. Brainless. These are insults some domestic workers have had to endure from their employers in Indonesia. There are also those who end up being hit too. Teresa Tang speaks to CNA’s Saifulbahri Ismail who explains why a near two-decade old bill to protect these workers has been in limbo, and what are its chances for success now. 

28/02/2023 20 mins