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CNA Correspondent

CNA Correspondent - S1E15: The Indonesia football tragedy: A deadly mix of tear gas, closed exits and a problematic system | EP 15

CNA Correspondent - S1E15: The Indonesia football tragedy: A deadly mix of tear gas, closed exits and a problematic system | EP 15
26 Oct 2022 07:03AM
17 mins

135 lives were lost when a football match in Malang, Indonesia ended in chaos and confusion. Some of the dead included children as young as three years old. Digital journalist Kiki Siregar speaks to Steve Lai about the tragic event and what measures the Indonesian government is taking to reform the Indonesian football system.

CNA Correspondent - S1E24: Lessons from Malaysia's worst landslide in three decades

In the early hours of Dec 16 last year, a landslide buried 31 campers on a hillside near Malaysia’s Genting Highlands. CNA’s Afifah Ariffin and Pamella Lim tell Steve Lai how the team covered the story and explore the bigger question about the ramifications for Malaysia’s outdoor tourism industry.

24/01/2023 22 mins

CNA Correspondent - S1E23: The world watches cautiously as China reopens

For three years, China doubled down on its zero-COVID policy. But now that its borders are opened, Chinese travellers are celebrating while the rest of the world are holding their breath. Teresa Tang speaks to CNA’s Low Minmin and Olivia Siong about Beijing's abrupt turnaround, its impact on President Xi Jinping's image and what this means for global tourism. 

17/01/2023 27 mins

CNA Correspondent - S1E22: Has huge international interest in Muay Thai diluted its traditional roots?

Muay Thai, or Thai boxing, is a symbol of cultural pride and identity and now, Thailand’s national sport is generating huge interest internationally. But with it comes the fear that it will lose its ancient traditions. With dreams of the sport making its Olympic debut growing bigger, Teresa Tang talks to correspondent Saksith Saiyasombut about how Muay Thai could change, and what is being done to preserve it. 

10/01/2023 16 mins

CNA Correspondent - S1E21: Solving a shrinking population with foreign workers in Japan | EP 21

In 2021, Japan recorded its lowest number of births in more than a century. The declining population is now coming home to roost – with severe labour shortages. Enter foreign workers. Host Teresa Tang speaks to correspondent Michiyo Ishida who spent time with some of them who are now calling Japan home. 

07/12/2022 16 mins

CNA Correspondent - S1E20: Anwar Ibrahim: The road to becoming PM | EP 20

After more than a two-decade wait, Anwar Ibrahim takes the reins of power as Malaysia's prime minister at a time of economic uncertainty and a fractured political landscape. Steve Lai speaks to CNA correspondents Melissa Goh and Afifah Ariffin about his GE15 victory and the bumps that lie ahead.

29/11/2022 24 mins