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CNA Correspondent

CNA Correspondent - S1E11: Tricked to death: How Southeast Asia’s online scams are linked to deadly human trafficking | EP 11

CNA Correspondent - S1E11: Tricked to death: How Southeast Asia’s online scams are linked to deadly human trafficking | EP 11
28 Sep 2022 08:13AM
17 mins

When 23-year-old Goi Zhen Feng met a girl online, he had no idea that looking for love would lead him into the clutches of a transnational crime syndicate and ultimately to his death. Steve Lai and CNA’s Malaysia Correspondent Melissa Goh go behind the heart-breaking story that shines a light on a growing regional problem.

CNA Correspondent - S1E19: How South Korea is confronting its energy dilemma | EP 19

What do you do when your country is resource poor? You import. A lot. South Korea imports an astounding 94 per cent of its energy sources. And that has posed a challenge - figuring out what the best energy mix is to get to zero emissions. Teresa Tang speaks to Lim Yun Suk who headed to the bowels of a coal mine to look for some answers.

23/11/2022 14 mins

CNA Correspondent - S1E18: US midterms: No Republican ‘Red Wave’ but Trump will run again | EP 18

History, the polls, an unpopular president and inflation at a 40-year high all pointed to the Republicans sweeping back into power in the House of Representatives and the Senate. It didn’t happen, as Trump-backed candidates failed to deliver on the expected ‘Red Wave’. Steve Lai and Washington Correspondent Nick Harper discuss what the results mean for President Joe Biden and the Democrats, and

16/11/2022 20 mins

CNA Correspondent - S1E17: Halloween crowd crush in Itaewon: How did authorities get things so wrong? | EP 17

Hours before anyone was dead in Itaewon, panicked calls were made by people worried something catastrophic could happen. Now authorities are apologising for the tragedy and admit they mishandled the situation. South Korea correspondent Lim Yun Suk tells Teresa Tang that if she hadn’t been in Singapore, she too could have been in the nightlife district that evening.

08/11/2022 19 mins

CNA Correspondent - S1E16: China’s 20th Party Congress: What happened to Hu Jintao? | EP 16

All eyes were on the CPC’s Party Congress – it is the most important date in China’s political calendar as it sets the stage for political renewal. Teresa Tang speaks to Beijing Correspondent Olivia Siong, who gives a behind the scenes look, including the moment she realised CNA captured exclusive footage of the drama surrounding former President Hu Jintao. 


01/11/2022 28 mins

CNA Correspondent - S1E15: The Indonesia football tragedy: A deadly mix of tear gas, closed exits and a problematic system | EP 15

135 lives were lost when a football match in Malang, Indonesia ended in chaos and confusion. Some of the dead included children as young as three years old. Digital journalist Kiki Siregar speaks to Steve Lai about the tragic event and what measures the Indonesian government is taking to reform the Indonesian football system.

25/10/2022 17 mins