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Daily Cuts

Daily Cuts - S1E253: Coding - a main literacy skill of the 21st century

Daily Cuts - S1E253: Coding  - a main literacy skill of the 21st century
11 Apr 2023 08:00PM
16 mins

Singapore Today's Lance Alexander and Melanie Oliveiro speak with Tamir Shklaz, Founder & CTO of Strive Education, a local online coding school for children. Tamir believes coding is the main literacy skill of the 21st century and if our children have little knowledge of it, they’ll be at a disadvantage when entering the workforce of the future.

Daily Cuts -World Intellectual Property Day 2023

How has Intellectual Property Law contributed to technological innovation that helps shape our world? Daniel Martin speaks to Jonathan Kok, a partner in the intellectual property and technology team at Withers KhattarWong.

17/05/2023 13 mins

Daily Cuts - S1E401: The Achilles heel of AI

Artificial intelligence is taking the world by a storm with its impressive abilities. But will it ever make up for what it lacks in the personal touch aspect of life? CNA's Stanley Leong speaks with Malcolm Koh, Director of CX Practice at Zendesk - a service-first customer relationship management company, that builds software designed to improve customer relationships.

16/05/2023 15 mins

Daily Cuts - S1E400: My mobile apps are helpful! Or not?

Some of us cannot last a second without our handphones, more specifically - the mobile applications. It helps us keep our lives in order and updated on what happens in real time! But could there be risks running in your phone background? CNA's Stanley Leong accesses the information with Tom Tovar, CEO and co-creator of AppDome - a software company whose mission is to protect people and businesses that rely on mobile apps

16/05/2023 14 mins

Daily Cuts - S1E399: Polishing the details on Scanteak's generational business

What makes a warm and cosy family home for you? Close your eyes to imagine and you might see some teak wood furniture that brings you back to the nature! CNA's Stanley Leong speaks to an expert who's been in the business for decades, Jamie Lim, CEO of Scanteak Singapore.

16/05/2023 14 mins

Daily Cuts - S1E398: Scan and get a free Scam!

Scan a QR code and get FREE bubble tea! Or, some malware and the possibility of getting scammed. When a deal sounds too good to be true, there is often a catch. CNA's Stanley Leong finds out more on malware-based scams and how to avoid it from Tan Hwei Qiang, a Fraud Protection Pre-Sales Engineer at Group-IB. 

16/05/2023 14 mins