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Daily Cuts

Daily Cuts - S1E45: Nurturing a love for coding among students

Daily Cuts - S1E45: Nurturing a love for coding among students
26 Nov 2022 12:58AM
15 mins

Learning to code and build apps, doesn’t just prepare someone for a job in Tech, it would also impart lifelong skills they can apply to almost any job. Learn about a Coding/ App building initiative happening across 58 schools in Singapore.

Guests: Foo Wen Yeow, Subject Head, ICT, Crescent Girls’ School; YJ Soon, Co-founder, Tinkertanker

Daily Cuts - S1E92: PsychQuest

Helping kids build confidence and social skills through tabletop games

Singapore Today speaks to local company PsychQuest on using role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons to teach kids essential social skills under the supervision of a clinical psychologist

01/02/2023 17 mins

Daily Cuts - S1E91: Making it safe for our children doing heights-based activities

Height-based outdoor activities - like ziplines and high ropes - can resume today.
Singapore Today speaks to Forest Adventure, an outdoor activity centre, on the announced measures and pick up rates by schools.

01/02/2023 8 mins

Daily Cuts - S1E90: The Simpsons

Fans of Bart, Homer, Marge, Lisa and Baby Maggie can rejoice. The Simpsons, the longest running American animated comedy series has been renewed through to 2025, and will pass the 800-episode mark then. Singapore Today's Melanie Oliveiro and Hui Wong analysed this record-breaking show with Ian Dixon, Associate Professor from NTU's Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information. 

27/01/2023 19 mins

Daily Cuts - S1E89: Falling into a hole at Sungei Buloh

Did you read about the man and his daughter who fell into a hole at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve? Asia First's Arnold Gay and Yasmin Jonkers hear from Bucky Hussain - the man himself - about what happened that day.

27/01/2023 6 mins

Daily Cuts - S1E88: Is the customer always right?

Singapore Today's Melanie Oliveiro and Justine Moss speak to two hawkers who’ll talk about how they deal with unhappy - sometimes unreasonable customers. And we pose to them the age old question - Is the customer really always right?

26/01/2023 9 mins