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Daily Cuts

Daily Cuts - S1E92: PsychQuest

Daily Cuts - S1E92: PsychQuest
01 Feb 2023 09:11PM
17 mins

Helping kids build confidence and social skills through tabletop games

Singapore Today speaks to local company PsychQuest on using role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons to teach kids essential social skills under the supervision of a clinical psychologist

Daily Cuts - S1E193: Identifying child abuse cases in our society

On Monday’s Parliament sitting, the issue of child abuse and its investigation procedures were discussed. While authorities and social workers work hard to detect these cases, members of the public should keep a lookout as well. CNA938’s Arnold Gay and Yasmin Jonkers speak with Marcus Lim, Head of TOUCH Family Support, to find out how social workers keep track and monitor cases of family violence. Plus, we find out what we as bystanders can do to help out.

21/03/2023 11 mins

Daily Cuts - S1E192: Thailand's parliament dissolution paving the way for an election

Thailand’s King has dissolved parliament, paving the way for a general election in May. A date has yet to be set but it has to be within 60 days of dissolution. CNA938’s Arnold Gay and Yasmin Jonkers speak with Dr Napon Jatusripitak, Visiting Fellow, ISEAS - Yusof Ishak Institute to find out more.

21/03/2023 7 mins

Daily Cuts - S1E191: Day 1 of the Xi-Putin meeting in Moscow

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian president Vladimir Putin have met in Moscow on Day 1 of meetings. President Xi is the first leader to meet the Russian leader since he was issued an arrest warrant by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for war crimes and Beijing says the warrant reflects double standards. CNA938’s Arnold Gay and Yasmin Jonkers speak with Jingdong Yuan, Associate Professor from University of Sydney, who tells us more.

21/03/2023 8 mins

Daily Cuts - S1E190: Sri Lanka gets a $2.9 billion bailout from IMF

The International Monetary Fund has approved a close to $3 billion bailout for Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickremesinghe's office said the decision will allow the country to access up to $7 billion in funding overall. CNA938’s Arnold Gay and Yasmin Jonkers speak with Steve Hanke, Professor of Applied Economics at Johns Hopkins University to find out more. He also served on Reagan's Council of Economic Advisers and is one of the world's leading experts on hyperinflation.

21/03/2023 8 mins

Daily Cuts - S1E189: Conversations with an Academy Award nominee

Singapore Today's Melanie Oliveiro and Cheryl Goh speak with veteran filmmaker Jerzy Skolimowski about the inspiration behind his film, "EO", which was nominated for 'Best International Feature Film' at this year's Academy Awards.

20/03/2023 16 mins