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Lunch with Masters of Finance

Lunch with Masters of Finance

This podcast companion to the CNA TV series serves lunch with a dash of soul. Fellow financier, Sharon Sim, gets personal with Asia’s leading investors and fund managers who give their take on opportunities in ESG and impact investing.

Lunch with Masters of Finance - S1E6: Tom James on making ESG and Sustainable Development Goals more inclusive | EP 6

From a 17-year-old floor trader to nine-time book author and chief architect of an innovative fund-fintech solution, Tom is now blazing the path for a new wave of fintech companies making Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) more inclusive.

31/03/2022 15 mins

Lunch with Masters of Finance - S1E5: Shirley Crystal Chua on how women can bridge the confidence gap | EP 5

Shirley Crystal Chua’s elevator pitch to Taizo-Son has been widely reported but rarely expounded on. What was the pitch and how did she do it? Shirley also shares advice for women to bridge the confidence gap and three growth opportunities for businesses to do well and do good.

24/03/2022 13 mins

Lunch with Masters of Finance - S1E4: Michael Sng on impact investing in rural communities | EP 4

Can a TV show change the course of one’s life? For veteran advisor, financier and investor, Michael Sng, CEO of TAEL Partners, a CNA documentary planted a seed that has grown into a US$50 million impact fund. Michael explains how he built his first impact project from scratch using the four factors of production and advises how to deal with risk.

17/03/2022 16 mins

Lunch with Masters of Finance - S1E3: Jayesh Parekh on trendspotting and ESG in venture capital |EP 3

Serial investor and entrepreneur Jayesh Parekh discusses Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) in the venture capital (VC) space and recounts how serendipity and sharp trend spotting skills gave him a pioneering role in Southeast Asia’s VC industry. Jayesh is Managing Partner of Good Startup.

10/03/2022 15 mins

Lunch with Masters of Finance - S1E2: Stephen Diggle on his biotech bet & ESG investor opportunity in Southeast Asia

A legendary trader turned investor with a strategy built around four idiosyncratic opportunities, Stephen shares his biggest bet in biotech and highlights opportunities in the "G" of ESG in Southeast Asia. 

03/03/2022 15 mins