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Money Talks

Money Talks - S1E3: BTO or No: Busting your budget on that first home | EP 3

Money Talks - S1E3: BTO or No: Busting your budget on that first home | EP 3
26 Jul 2022 08:45AM
40 mins

Propnex CEO Ismail Gafoor gives his views on why he thinks resale is better than BTO flats, why saving for a dream home is not a good idea and what all his wealth has taught him about money and happiness. 

Money Talks - S1E25: As China reopens for business, is it time to invest in China stocks?

With China rapidly reopening its economy after three years of strict COVID-19 controls, investors are hopeful that this will be a bright spot for 2023. John Lin, Chief Investment Officer of China Equities at Alliance Bernstein, outlines the risks, opportunities and policies to watch out for.  

30/01/2023 23 mins

Money Talks - S1E24: Using robo-advisers? Do not be trigger happy

With low service fees and easy to use apps, robo-advisers have gained popularity in recent years especially with younger investors. But the ease of use could become an issue if you are prone to over-checking and panic selling. Ferris Wee, Master Trainer at the Institute for Financial Literacy, shares tips on optimising usage on a digital investing platform. 

23/01/2023 22 mins

Money Talks - S1E23: Why women don’t invest as much as men do

There’s nothing to suggest that women aren’t good at investing, but data shows that they are not as involved in growing their personal wealth as men are. Oi-Yee Choo, CEO of private market investment platform ADDX, shares her views on how women can take better control of their own finances.  

16/01/2023 22 mins

Money Talks - S1E22: 2023 outlook: More pain ahead, but bargain hunters rejoice

2022 was volatile and with market recovery only expected towards the end of 2023, are there still investment opportunities to be had? Christopher Ng, trainer at financial education company Dr Wealth, discusses investment strategies and money lessons for the year ahead.

09/01/2023 20 mins

Money Talks - S1E21: GST hike: How to manage your money better

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is set to rise from 7 per cent to 8 per cent in January 2023. Household budgets are expected to tighten and spending habits will need to be adjusted. Sumit Agarwal, Professor of finance, economics and real estate at NUS Business School, explains why the GST hike is unavoidable, and what you can do to manage it. 

28/11/2022 24 mins