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Money Talks

Money Talks

Money affects every decision we make in life – from affording a home to retiring early. But making sense of our finances can be complicated. This weekly podcast simplifies personal money management, giving ideas and tips on how we can manage our money better.

Money Talks - S1E6: Many of us pay too much: Insurance basics you need to know | EP 6

Everyone has insurance - often on the advice of well-meaning friends or insurance agents. But are we paying too much for too little coverage? What's the difference between whole life and term and should you start paying insurance for your children? Christopher Tan, CEO of Providend gives a clear run-down of dos and don'ts. 

16/08/2022 30 mins

Money Talks - S1E5: Is having and raising children too expensive in Singapore? | EP 5

By some estimates – and depending on who you ask – the cost of raising a child in Singapore can be as high as half a million Singapore dollars for one child. How do we balance needs and wants and can we ever be financially ready? Sarah Al-Khaldi gets some answers from Sam Lai, founder of LifeWork Coaching and a mother of four.

09/08/2022 29 mins

Money Talks - S1E4: Love it or loathe it: How to make the CPF work for you | EP 4

Singapore residents working here contribute to the Central Provident Fund (CPF). Some think it keeps their hard-earned money locked up but it can also be a tool for investment and a big plank for retirement. Editor-in-chief of The Fifth Person Adam Wong takes Sarah Al-Khaldi through the nuts and bolts of the CPF.

02/08/2022 25 mins

Money Talks - S1E3: BTO or No: Busting your budget on that first home | EP 3

Propnex CEO Ismail Gafoor gives his views on why he thinks resale is better than BTO flats, why saving for a dream home is not a good idea and what all his wealth has taught him about money and happiness. 

26/07/2022 40 mins

Money Talks - S1E2: He plans to retire at 35 with US$1 million in his portfolio | EP 2

Financial analyst Christopher Chong who runs the Honey Money SG YouTube channel is 31 years old and on FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early). Sarah Al-Khaldi finds out how much he saves, why he maxes out his CPF contributions and why all of it is a daily sacrifice. Reach us at: cnapodcasts [at]

19/07/2022 30 mins