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Money Talks

Money Talks - S1E5: Is having and raising children too expensive in Singapore? | EP 5

Money Talks - S1E5: Is having and raising children too expensive in Singapore? | EP 5
09 Aug 2022 08:54AM
29 mins

By some estimates – and depending on who you ask – the cost of raising a child in Singapore can be as high as half a million Singapore dollars for one child. How do we balance needs and wants and can we ever be financially ready? Sarah Al-Khaldi gets some answers from Sam Lai, founder of LifeWork Coaching and a mother of four.

Money Talks - S1E11: Why investing is like learning to ride a bicycle | EP 11

Just getting started on your investment journey? Start with less risky Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) before taking the plunge in the stock market, says co-founder of the Smart Investor David Kuo. He talks ETFs, robo-advisors and explains why you should trust but verify all information before investing. 

19/09/2022 19 mins

Money Talks - S1E10: Post-COVID travel: Tips, tricks and how to snag deals | EP 10

With borders reopened, post-pandemic travel has been marred by skyrocketing airfares, flight cancellations and lost luggage. Aaron Wong, Founder of travel website MileLion, shares travel tips and hacks to scoring good deals and why travel insurance is non-negotiable. 

12/09/2022 21 mins

Money Talks - S1E9: Investing in Singapore stocks: A haven in uncertain times? | EP 9

A strong Singapore currency, good stock dividends and low-risk government-backed bonds are just some of the reasons that make Singapore securities an attractive investment. Alfred Chia, CEO of SingCapital, explains why Singapore securities should be part of any investor’s portfolio.

05/09/2022 22 mins

Money Talks - S1E8: What does it take to retire early in Singapore? | EP 8

What investments do you need to make in order to retire in your 50s in Singapore? Sarah Al-Khaldi sits down with veteran finance journalist Goh Eng Yeow who stopped work full-time when he was 56. He talks about his journey and how he did it.  

29/08/2022 23 mins

Money Talks - S1E7: Why medical insurance is the most important type of insurance you need | EP 7

Most of us in Singapore are already covered by MediShield Life in case of health emergencies. So do we really need additional medical insurance? It is the first thing you need to buy, says Christopher Tan, CEO of Providend. 

22/08/2022 23 mins