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Money Talks

Money Talks - S2E4: This or That: Packages or per-pay-visit for beauty and wellness services?

Money Talks - S2E4: This or That: Packages or per-pay-visit for beauty and wellness services?
09 May 2023 07:34AM
17 mins

Visit any beauty, fitness or wellness service and it’s likely that a package deal will be offered to you. While a package may be more cost-effective on a per-session basis, is it always a better deal than paying for a single session? Seow Kai Lun, managing editor at The Simple Sum, breaks it down for Andrea Heng on the limited series This or That.  

Money Talks - Am I Adulting Right: Forget the 5Cs, millennials and Gen Zs set different financial goals

The 5Cs – cash, car, credit card, condominium and country club - have been touted as the classic Singaporean Dream. But for Singapore’s millennials and Gen Zs what are the new metrics of success and are their financial goals any different? Host Elizabeth Neo gets the answers from Bryan Choo, CEO of TheSmartLocal Media Group. “Am I Adulting Right?” is a limited series on the Money Talks podcast.

25/09/2023 25 mins

Money Talks - How much should you set aside for IVF?

If a couple has to turn to assisted reproductive methods such as in-vitro fertilisation (IVF), cost becomes a major factor. Tim Kwan, managing director of fertility clinic Virtus Health Singapore, explains the numbers on Money Talks.  

18/09/2023 18 mins

Money Talks - Is owning a second property in Singapore worth the cost?

Owning a second private property is an aspiration for many – as retirement income and investment. But with the new additional buyers’ stamp duty announced earlier this year, is two always better than one? What are some considerations before taking the plunge? Hear more from Clive Chng, associate director at Redbrick Mortgage Advisory, on the Money Talks podcast. 

11/09/2023 30 mins

Money Talks - What stocks should I buy during a recession?

The big “R” word: Recession. It’s been uttered so many times this year, striking fear in the most seasoned economist. With many signs pointing to a looming recession, is it time to add some resilience to your portfolio? Are there “recession proof” stocks that are worth investing in? On Money Talks, Alvin Chow, CEO and founder of Dr Wealth, charts a path through these uncertain times.

04/09/2023 23 mins

Money Talks - Are T-bills and Singapore Savings Bonds worth investing in anymore?

Singapore’s Treasury Bills (T-bills) and Savings Bonds (SSBs) created a buzz with retail investors when yields hit record highs in end 2022. But since then, the returns have fallen, prompting many to ask if these government securities are still worth investing. On this episode of Money Talks, CEO and founder of Beansprout, Gerald Wong explains why yields have dropped despite the US Federal Reserve rate hikes.

28/08/2023 27 mins