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Money Talks

Money Talks - S1E14: When does debt become bad for you? | EP 14

Money Talks
11 Oct 2022 07:41AM
23 mins

In Singapore, it’s common to take on some form of debt – be it education or mortgage loans, credit card bills or instalment payments. So when does debt become bad? There are some red flags, explains Tan Huey Min, General Manager of Credit Counselling Singapore on this episode of the Money Talks podcast. 

Money Talks - S1E32: Am I Adulting Right – How should I manage my first paycheck?

Getting that first paycheck as a young adult can be exciting – and daunting.  How do you balance spending and living for today, while also saving and investing for your future needs? Guest host Elizabeth Neo gets answers from Gregory Van, CEO of Endowus and 29-year-old Rita Goh. Am I Adulting Right is a limited series. 

21/03/2023 26 mins

Money Talks - S1E31: Is it time to ditch cash for multi-currency apps when travelling?

Gone are the days when you need to use up your leftover foreign currency at the airport or carry wads of cash during an overseas trip. Dinesh Dayani, co-founder of Dollars and Sense, analyses the pros and cons of multi-currency apps.

13/03/2023 21 mins

Money Talks - S1E30: Are NFTs worth anything beyond speculation and hype?

The first tweet created. A picture of a bored ape. An animated kitten. Virtually anything digital can be converted and sold as an NFT or non-fungible token. But is there value to owning a digital certificate of an item that can be easily duplicated? Saniya Ramchandani, Blockchain Insights Lead for Momentum Works, breaks it down. 

06/03/2023 18 mins

Money Talks - S1E29: Why the ultra-rich set up family offices in Singapore

Singapore has become a magnet for ultra-high-net-worth individuals, thanks to its image as a safe and modern financial hub. Adding to the wealth mix are family offices, which oversee all aspects of a family’s wealth, often to the tune of S$100M or more. Bryan Henning, Senior Vice President of Eton Solutions, shares a glimpse into this rarefied world.  

27/02/2023 27 mins

Money Talks - S1E28: Are rental properties still a worthwhile investment asset in 2023?

With property prices and home loan rates at all-time highs, is it still worth owning a property for rental income in Singapore? Ryan Ong, partner at real estate consultancy Stacked Homes, gives advice on choosing an investment property, including why being close to an MRT station doesn’t always guarantee the best rental yield.  

20/02/2023 20 mins