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Work It

Work It - S1E17: Can you have depression and still thrive at work? | EP 17

Work It
07 Nov 2022 07:54AM
33 mins

Should you tell your manager you have a mental health condition? How should company policies close the gap with meaningful mental health practices on the ground? Co-founder of Calm Collective Asia Sabrina Ooi who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, is our guest on this episode.  

Work It - S1E32: Dealing with intense emotions as a social worker

“Heart” workers have been in the news, with the Government pledging increased salaries and urging people to see their work to be as valuable as “head” workers. Social worker Dini Dzulaikha from the Singapore Children's Society, talks about her career choice, the ups and downs and why she’s in it for the long haul.

26/03/2023 23 mins

Work It - S1E31: How does a job skills integrator help people who are displaced?

The job market has become much more complex as the nature of skills is changing. That's where the role of the job skills integrator can come in to help those struggling with finding careers that last. Our guest is Dr Jeremy Fox, Regional CEO of Non-Governmental Organisation, Generation, which does job training, matching and placement. 

19/03/2023 32 mins

Work It - S1E30: Can Artificial Intelligence replace mundane or routine work?

ChatGPT has already come into workplaces as people are using the Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool to write, crunch data and provide analysis. What does it mean for businesses and for people who are doing these jobs? CK Tan, senior director for Solutions & Value Engineering at Qlik is our guest. 

12/03/2023 24 mins

Work It - S1E29: Getting out of comfort zones: Can anyone learn how to code?

People take three-year degrees to learn about software development. But for those who are keen to hop onto a new career track, coding bootcamps are one way to fast track learning. Two young guests, Zhang Jia En and Shermaine Sng, share their journey on learning something completely out of their comfort zones. 

05/03/2023 21 mins

Work It - S1E28: Who needs a career coach and how can they help?

There has been an uptick in the number of career coaches in the last few years. Who are they and how do they help untangle knots in your working life? Our guest this week is Yu Dan Shi, director of behavioral science and executive coach for digital coaching platform, Coachhub. 

26/02/2023 25 mins