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Work It

Work It

Work doesn't have to be a grind, it can be empowering, uplifting and purposeful. Adrian Tan helps navigate issues related to the corporate life - from minefields to management, in this weekly podcast.

Work It - S1E5: When artificial intelligence picks your resume | EP 5

A human sifting through hundreds of resumes to interview candidates is being replaced by technology to shortlist talent. A pre-screening chatbot can ask "knockout questions” using natural language processing, for instance. Can machines find the right person for a job? CEO of Xopa AI, Nina Alag Suri explains how it works.

14/08/2022 31 mins

Work It - S1E4: How do you hire talented people and make them stay? | EP 4

Venture capitalist and founding partner of Golden Gate Ventures, Vinnie Lauria explains how he spots and keeps talent in the workplace. He reveals his favourite interview questions to ask, how he grows employees in his company, and why he believes a good team is more valuable than a good product.

08/08/2022 25 mins

Work It - S1E3: The Woke Salaryman duo on when to quit and what school didn't teach them | EP 3

Online content creators The Woke Salaryman have made personal finance fun and their viral comics have swayed Singaporeans to start saving smart and take charge of their careers. He Ruiming and Goh Wei Choon reveal why their success is years in the making, how they knew it was time to quit their day jobs, and what they wish school had taught them about work.

01/08/2022 42 mins

Work It - S1E2: How do you know when you’re burnt out at work? | EP 2

Surveys show occupational burnout is affecting an increasing number of workers. How is it different from regular stress or insomnia? What are the unmistakable signs and what can you do when things get too overwhelming? Psychiatrist Dr Zheng Zhimin breaks down all we need to know about anxiety, exhaustion and cynicism at work.

25/07/2022 23 mins

Work It - S1E1: The Great Hybrid Debate: What if your team doesn’t want to work in the office? | EP 1

What’s at stake when you work from home, how can employers adapt to different employee needs and, what are a company’s priorities? We weigh up the issues around hybrid work arrangements with Alvin Goh, Head of the Singapore Human Resources Institute. Get in touch with us: cnapodcasts [at]

18/07/2022 29 mins