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XX Files

XX Files

An hour of news, analysis and inspiration featuring Singapore’s best and brightest women with Yasmin Jonkers.

XX Files - S1E58: World Alzheimer's Day

Dementia is very common in Singapore - 1 in 10 people above the age of 60 suffers from it. Emily Ong, Co-facilitator of Dementia Singapore Voices for Hope program tells us how she herself is coping with the condition, as she aims to empower the community. We also speak to Associate Professor Ang Swee Hoon from the Department of Marketing at NUS Business School about a proposed recycling scheme

21/09/2022 33 mins

XX Files - S1E57: Reading for good

Research by the National Institute of Education has found that teenagers from lower-income families are likely to have fewer books at home. Justine Moss asks one of the researchers, Associate Professor Loh Chin Ee and Dr Sadie-Jane Nunis, President of the Library Association of Singapore what it will take to encourage more young people to read. We also speak to Lia Leow about her son’s cancer

20/09/2022 33 mins

XX Files - S1E56: The life, sacrifice and wins of female athletes

We focus on three women athletes who have put Singapore on the map. CNA938’s Yasmin Jonkers speaks to Li Ling Yung-Hryniewiecki about her historic achievement as the first Singaporean woman to swim 34 km across the English Channel. We also chat with Saudi Tan, winner of Asian records in three powerlifting events, on how women can achieve excellence in the sport. Plus, Amanda Lee, Singaporean

19/09/2022 34 mins

XX Files - S1E55: A Queen’s best friend

Queen Elizabeth II’s love of corgis began when she was just a teenager, and she had more than 30 of them in her lifetime. Radio/TV host and self-styled “corgi mama” Yasminne Cheng, explains what’s so lovable about the breed. We also speak to Amarjit Kaur, an Employment Lawyer about the gender wage gap, and learn about World Patient Safety Day.

16/09/2022 33 mins

XX Files - S1E54: The future of online learning

As Singapore gears up for “Forward-Looking Schools, Future-Ready Students”, CNA938’s Yasmin Jonkers asks Dr. Betty Vandenbosch, Chief Content Officer for Coursera about the role of online learning in the coming years. Plus, with more people dining out, how are customers reacting to some restaurants’ requirement that they place reservation deposits or credit card holding fees? And a local guide

15/09/2022 33 mins