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Purchase of Mediacorp news video clips

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   • Video clip for non-commercial use

   • To display our material on your individual or corporate website
   (Email us with your requirements. Flexible plans and packages are available)

   • News events, footages and programmes for corporate video or commercial production

   Contact: Content Distribution 

CNA Distribution

Technical Info

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   • For distribution and reception of CNA on cable, satellite, IPTV or other media platforms
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   • Access your target audience of PMEBs through advertising opportunities on the web or tv

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CNA also provides a wide variety of services including:

News services 

 • Commercial information agencies 

 • Economic, industry, property, politico-socio, marketing and demographic data, news and reports 

 • Gathering and dissemination of news

 • News reporting services

 • Online reviews of movies

 • Provision of financial information related to stock exchange prices and financial products, services and industry, and investment advice

 • Transmission of news items to news reporting organizations 

Entertainment and Content Production

   • Dubbing 

   • Film/video editing 

   • Live shows and productions

   • Production of programs for television

   • Production of programs, shows and productions for other platforms

   • Recording studio services

   • Television news shows

Communications and Broadcasting 

   • Communications by computer terminals 

   • Electronic mail services 

   • Information and consultancy in the fields of broadcasting and telecommunications 

   • Internet transmission of messages and images

   • Rental of broadcasting, telecommunications equipment and message sending equipment

   • Satellite transmission

   • Television broadcasting


   • Production of television commercials

   • Providing television advertising

   • Rental of advertising space

   • Updating, publication and dissemination of advertising matter and publicity texts

Artiste Management

Please send us an e-mail here for our rates and charges if any of our services listed above are of interest to you.
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