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Citi Cash Back Mastercard: Consolidate your essential shopping rewards on one card

It touts one of the highest cash back returns, with new lower minimum spending requirements

Citi Cash Back Mastercard: Consolidate your essential shopping rewards on one card

Shop for your essentials and be rewarded with cash back. Photos: Shutterstock

As times change, so does society’s spending habits. With travel grinding to a halt almost worldwide, most consumers in Singapore have shifted their spending to more practical areas – groceries, home improvement projects, investments, as well as the one-off luxury purchases like staycations and fine dining.

With the focus on domestic spending, cash back cards have become increasingly popular. Cash back cards earn users a cash rebate, or a percentage of when they spend, and are a tidy way to reap the rewards of everyday life.

To help everyone save more, the Citi Cash Back Card offers one of the highest cash back returns, especially on necessities, with a new lower required 1  minimum-spend of S$800 per month.


It’s safe to say, our lifestyles have pivoted a little. Some are going an extra mile literally, driving to places unexplored for a hike or picnic. Others are travelling via their palette, by sampling the island’s many international cuisine options. The more talented have turned to the kitchens to display their dormant prowess with wok, pan, ladle and oven.

Whichever you’ve picked, the Citi Cash Back Card makes it that much more worthwhile with attractive rebates in those category spends. Expect an 8 per cent cash back for your petrol and grocery spending as well as a 6 per cent cash back when you pay at any dining outlet. On top of these big three spends, every one of your retail purchases also benefits from a 0.25 per cent cash back reward.

The Citi Cash Back Card allots the base 0.25 per cent for these categories at the onset, and upon hitting the monthly spend of S$800, you’ll instantly receive the bonus percentages for the respective categories, up to a maximum of S$80 cash back per month. For those who use 2 Esso and Shell to fuel their rides, this goes up to a whopping 20.88 per cent savings – giving you a lot more mileage for your road adventures.

With cash back on your petrol, exploring Singapore has its own rewards.

With the minimum spend lowered to S$800 from the original S$888, it’s now easier than ever to earn as you spend on those necessities. There’s nothing to track or tabulate, so you can skip those moments mulling over which card to use at the cashier as the Citi Cash Back Card consolidates your cash back rebates easily on one card. Additionally, cash back rewards above S$50 are posted directly in statements for easy tracking.


Citi always rewards savvy shoppers, and this is best expressed in its welcome bonus of S$120 cash back. Just spend a minimum of S$1,200 within the first three months of receiving the card and the bonus will be directly credited into your card – which really is 10 per cent off your shopping on top of your cash back returns.

Use it for an around-the-island drive with a picnic pit stop filled with premium treats, or in the form of a cafe hop with outlets you’ve been meaning to hit. 

With one of the highest cash back rebates locally, the Citi Cash Back Card is a natural shoo-in to include in your card portfolio, but the extra perks from popular brands just make it even better.

Get together with your loved ones and have a hearty dinner at any of the many merchants participating.

Fans of fine Chinese cuisine will love visiting Crystal Jade, where one can take either 10 per cent off their dining bill or have 12 per cent cashback credited into their existing Jadeite membership. Over at TungLok Group, take S$6 off for every S$60 spent at the chain’s famous restaurants.

There’s also a buffet of dining options available at The Capitol Kempinski Hotel that you can enjoy 15 per cent off a la carte menu items with Citi Cash Back Card. On top of this, the Citi Cash Back Card gives 6 per cent cash back on your dining

Cooking up a big, sumptuous meal? Your seafood from Kuhlbarra will come with an additional 10 to 15 per cent discount, and any grocery need from supermarket RedMart will save you up to S$10 off your purchase. Additionally, enjoy 8 per cent cash back on your grocery spend with the Citi Cash Back Card.

This is a card that not only offers easy cashback rebates for your day-to-day spending, but encourages these essentials with exclusive promotions.

It’s easier now to save as you spend, with a lower minimum spend with Citi Cash Back Mastercard. Apply for yours today and get S$120 cash back. Applicable for new Citi Cardmembers only.

Terms and conditions

1   You will receive cash back of 0.25 per cent on all retail purchases, additional cash back of 5.75 per cent on dining, 7.75 per cent on groceries and/or 7.75 per cent on petrol transactions worldwide, if you accumulate a total retail spend of S$800 or more in a statement month. The total cash back you can earn is capped at a combined S$80 across all retail spend per statement month.

2   20.88 per cent savings at Esso includes 5 per cent Esso site discount, 5 per cent Esso Smiles Card discount, 4 per cent Citi Card discount and 8 per cent cash back with Citi Cash Back Card (on nett purchase after Esso and Citi discounts). 20.88 per cent savings at Shell includes 5 per cent Shell site discount, 5 per cent Shell Escape Card discount, 4 per cent Citi Card discount and 8 per cent cash back with Citi Cash Back Card (on nett purchase after Shell and Citi discounts).

Full terms and conditions on the Citi Cash Back Mastercard can be found here.


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