Ex-actor Huang Yiliang convicted of assaulting worker with metal scraper, to claim trial for another charge

Ex-actor Huang Yiliang convicted of assaulting worker with metal scraper, to claim trial for another charge

Huang Yiliang
Huang Yiliang at the State Courts on Nov 30, 2020. (Photo: TODAY/Nuria Ling)

SINGAPORE: Former actor Ng Aik Leong, better known as Huang Yiliang, was convicted on Friday (Jan 22) of assaulting his worker with a metal scraper, after defending himself with explanations that the prosecution called "ridiculous".

Ng, 59, was convicted of voluntarily causing hurt by a dangerous weapon to Bangladeshi worker Mr Jahidul at the Singapore Islamic Hub on Dec 11, 2018.

Mr Jahidul came to Singapore in October 2018 to work for Ng at his company, HYL Enterprises. He stayed in Huang's house, living in a room where tools were kept.

He testified that Ng would often enter Mr Jahidul's room at night, turn on the lights and curse at him, pointing his finger at the latter's nose.

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The victim could not bear the constant mistreatment, and asked Ng to send him back, but Ng purportedly did not want to let him do so.

The verbal abuse escalated until the day before the striking incident, when Ng was angry that Mr Jahidul had bought cable ties for 50 cents more than the price he wanted.

In an audio recording made by Mr Jahidul, Ng insulted the former, saying that the 50 cents was "nothing" for "all Singaporean", but said he was upset that the victim was "low class still like to talk c***". 

On Dec 11, 2018, the victim had finished cleaning a ventilation duct at the Islamic Hub when Ng approached him. There was no closed-circuit television camera in the corridor where the assault took place.

Annoyed that the victim had not used enough string to tie a plastic bag over a rubbish pail, Ng threw a wooden plank at him, but missed, said the prosecution.

He then threw a plastic pail at the victim, striking his buttocks, before picking up a heavy metal scraper that was used to clean dirt and oil.

He thrust the scraper towards the victim twice, hitting his stomach, before bringing the weapon up above his head and bringing it down on the victim's head.

The victim was shocked, frightened and in pain, taking out his phone to try and get photos of what was going on, but managing only to take blurred pictures. He eventually fled and called the police.

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Ng conducted his own defence, acting out some parts of it. 

He claimed that the victim had asked him to teach him and beat him, but Deputy Public Prosecutor Chong Kee En said "the ridiculousness of the ... defence speaks for itself".

"As the victim put it, the accused's story was laughable as no one would have the sense to ask someone else to beat them," he said.

Ng had also argued that he learned how to throw fake punches during his acting days and did not actually hit the victim or injure him.

At some point in the trial, the judge warned Ng against contempt of court when Ng loudly read out vulgarities he was accused of hurling at the victim.

Ng claimed that he was the victim instead, saying that the victim was out to frame him and "trying to murder him", claiming that the victim  was "the one who has contempt towards court" and was "monster, a big monster".

"In contrast, the accused had the temerity to tell the victim during cross-examination that he (the accused) was 'a lovely person'," said Mr Chong.

After finding Ng guilty, the judge asked him what he intended to do for another pending charge - of disturbing the public peace by fighting with a person in Buffalo Road.

"I don't admit," Ng replied. 

The case will be referred to pre-trial conference for this charge, while sentencing for the metal scraper charge was adjourned.

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