Man jailed for posing as different women on phone calls, pretending that 'she' had relationship problems

Man jailed for posing as different women on phone calls, pretending that 'she' had relationship problems

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SINGAPORE: A man who was freshly released on remission went back to his old ways within days, posing as women on phone calls and stalking one of them.

Kelvin Pang Lock Sheng, 34, was given an enhanced sentence of eight months, one week and 92 days' jail on Thursday (Jul 22).

The court heard that Pang had been sentenced to 14 months, seven weeks and six days' jail in December 2020 for making nuisance calls. He was released from prison on Mar 2, 2021 under a remission order.

Days later on Mar 7, Pang cheated a manager at a food and beverage outlet into topping up a prepaid card. Pang called the victim, claiming he was her female colleague and needed help to top up a prepaid number as "she" was facing family problems.

The victim believed Pang and topped up S$28 to the prepaid number. She realised she had been scammed only when her colleague told her she did not make the call.

With the money in his prepaid number, Pang made more nuisance calls to other women, while posing as one. On the afternoon of Mar 7, he called a 34-year-old woman whom he had previously harassed.

He asked her if she remembered him and repeated her name, laughing as she was about to hang up. After this, he called her colleague, pretending to be the 34-year-old.

While posing as the victim, Pang said he was facing relationship problems and asked if she masturbates.

The next day, he found a female property agent's contact number online and called her. Pang spoke in a woman's voice and introduced himself as "Elaine". 

He claimed he had obtained her number from a seminar they attended together, and told her he was feeling distressed as "Elaine's" husband had cheated on "her".

The property agent was alarmed by the call and was afraid that the accused would harm himself. She called the police saying a woman had called her and said her husband had betrayed her.

"She seemed to be in distress. I cannot recall who she is, she also did not provide me her address. I tried to call her but no answer," said the agent.

Pang was nabbed and remanded from Mar 17. He pleaded guilty to three charges including cheating and stalking. Another two charges were considered in sentencing.

The prosecutor asked for a jail term of nine months, three weeks and 105 days, saying Pang's conduct has caused significant harassment to the victims. 

"Given the number of charges, and the fact that he reoffended for the same offences so soon after his release, the total sentence ought to be (so) to send a strong deterrent effect to him," she said.

In mitigation, Pang's lawyer said he has had a difficult life and disappointments in his job search due to his physical appearance and deformities.

He said he lacks friends, feels lonely and seeks emotional connections in the offences. He found it easier to speak to women while impersonating as a woman, said the lawyer. 

The judge urged Pang to seek help from the relevant agencies if he needed it.

Source: CNA/ll(ta)