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  1. Pregnant

    Commentary: Superstition and herd behaviour still hold sway over fertility decisions

    Singapore is a modern society yet couples are still influenced by superstitions and other beliefs when deciding when to have a baby, with adverse ...
  2. Baby 1

    Singapore welcomes 4 babies at midnight in the New Year

  3. 6-month-old baby Miu Suwazono wearing a costume featuring giant panda waits for starting the public

    Number of births in Japan to hit record low in 2017

  4. Female giant panda cub Xiang Xiang walks beside her mother Shin Shin at Ueno Zoo in Tokyo

    Lucky lottery winners get first peek at Japan's baby panda

    The lucky winners of a Japanese lottery got their first live glimpse of baby panda Xiang Xiang on Tuesday, but others had to settle for watching ...
  5. New Content Item

    Home births in rural areas just as safe as in cities

  6. A pregnant woman, in the last trimester of her pregnancy, poses in this illustration photo in Sete

    First US birth for woman with transplanted uterus occurs in Texas