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  1. British rapper Stormzy performs the headline slot on the Pyramid stage during Glastonbury Festival

    Stormzy's stab-vest for landmark Glastonbury gig designed by Banksy

    A Union Jack emblazoned stab-proof vest worn by British rapper Stormzy for his history-making headline performance at the Glastonbury Music ...
  2. FILE PHOTO: People view new Banksy image in Port Talbot

    Banksy ash mural moved from garage to gallery in Welsh town

    A Banksy mural depicting a child enjoying what appears to be snow but is actually ash from a nearby burning bin has been moved from a garage to a ...
  3. Employees of the Frieden Burda museum put Banksy's partially shredded artwork "Love is in

    Self-shredding Banksy painting goes on display in Germany

    "Love is in the Bin", the work by graffiti artist Banksy that shredded itself live after it was sold at auction last year, went on display at a ...
  4. FILE PHOTO: People view new Banksy image in Port Talbot

    Banksy 'snow' pollution mural sold for more than US$130,000

    A mural by elusive British street artist Banksy depicting a child enjoying falling snow that is in fact pollution from a burning bin has been sold ...
  5. Offset lithographs entitled "Queen Vic" (2004) and "Soup Can (Yellow/Emerald/Brown)&

    Banksy prints sell intact at stunt-free Paris auction

    Three Banksy prints were sold at a Paris auction on Wednesday - this time without any pranks by the British artist.
  6. An offset lithograph entitled "Stop and search" (2007) by artist Banksy is displayed duri

    Paris auction house 'would love it' if Banksy pulls another stunt

    The first auction house to sell prints by Banksy since THAT auction two weeks ago does not anticipate another stunt like the one that shredded ...
  7. CNA Lifestyle

    Buyer goes ahead with purchase of shredded Banksy painting

  8. FILE PHOTO: An employee walks with artist Banksy's "Girl and Balloon" 2009 signed an

    'We just got Banksy-ed': balloon girl painting self-destructs at sale

    A painting by mysterious British artist Banksy shred itself into pieces at the moment it sold for more than 1 million pounds at a London auction ...
  9. Art From The Streets (Shepard Fairey)

    Beyond Banksy: 40 years of street art at ArtScience Museum

    The exhibit Art From The Streets is a laudable, ambitious look at four decades of an art movement that has taken the world by storm. But there are ...